I think one of the most freeing aspects of Second Life is it allows you to explore. Whether it’s explore the hidden facets of your soul or in my limited little way, to explore the boundaries of my fashion “sense” or, as I assume, some feel, my non-sense. But see? It doesn’t really matter in the end, because the journey is our own, and tailored to our own tastes. I don’t think I have ever been the traditional “ballgown” type of model, don’t get me wrong, I do model gowns, and I love it but on a day to day sense, I prefer to make my own way and create my own looks.

One of my fave loves about Second Life is texture and color! I can’t get enough! In the above picture I am wearing the “Rebellion” jacket from House of Fox. I chose this jacket because I like the way the satiny red material plays softly to frame the face, the gathered waist and the ruffles hem-line. Simple lines really but the complication is in the detailing. The minute I donned it, I felt the rebellion coming on. I could have worn the matching red bell bottom pants, I could have worn simple tights, but on this day I was craving more texture, so I slipped into Miamai’s “jeunesse” jeans (it’s an old design line, I was kind of wondering if they were faded from so much use!) I found comfort in the gently cascading layers of leather that flair over the hips and end just above knee. I kind of like the way the simple lines of the jacket have to compete a little with the more complex layers of pant in their quest for the viewer’s attention. But in all ways, it fulfilled the mood, in the end, clothes can be just as soul-soothing as a big bowl of Macaroni and Cheese. Well, almost.


Like most models, there are so many times I am just unsure of my sense of style. Well, I kind of get away with it, since I’ve only myself to please, but I do still have the little nudgies now and then. I think one way to compete with yourself on this when you feel it, is to wear a simple dress and fashion around it. Try this weekly, first of all, because it’s good practice, second because it makes you create and visualize. I am wearing Celoe’s “May” dress. A dress that by itself is adorable with its satin material and tiny belt. Honestly, what sold me on this dress is the cut around the hips. I like how it didn’t try to squeeze me to death, it’s a perfect “high gravity” Monday dress, for when you may need to hide the excessiveness of the weekend. Working with my Monday theme, I left my hair tousled with Lelutka’s Salome, and covered any dark circles with “Cat Eyes” from [GOS]. To give this look a more glamorous, “I know what I am doing” attitude, I threw on gorgeous leather and lace collar, and the outrageously Glam red leather gloves from .Shi. And because you know Monday’s, they are always high gravity, I packed up my largest handbag, AD Creations Dollhouse’s Mesh Bag (free just for leaving a comment on a purchase at the Market Place about AD Creations). It is simply the perfect bag for taking all those much needed Monday doodads with you, you know, Tylenol, candybars, extra makeup, your favorite Jack Russell Terrior-ist, KT (thats her spelling not mine, I think she’s not too bright, but I love her anyway.)

Well, as you can probably see, my high gravity Monday is being written about on Tuesday so I better wander away now. Just adore you all soooo much and wish you a peacefully light remainder of the week. This week for me so far kind of reminds me of the saying, “After Monday and Tuesday, even the week says WTF.”

I'm done inconveniencing electrons, any thoughts? Come on, you know you have 'em, post them up here.

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