When I was about six or seven years old, I was playing outside and a furry animal flew by with its arms and legs spread wide like wings. I asked my mum what the creature was and she said it was a “flying squirrel.” Well, as is oft the way, sometimes from the smallest most mundane happenings, a family tradition is born. From that day forward, my greatest passion was to be a flying squirrel. It is not an easy feat, I assure you. Luckily my parents bedroom is on one end of the house and mine at the opposite side, because it takes a great distance of running to execute the perfect flying squirrel. Actually that “luckily” is probably more apropos for my parents because they could always hear my feet running down the hall long before I launched myself arms and feet wide yelling “flying squirrel” as I landed in the middle of their king-size bed. As a teenager, I no longer thought my parents would wait every night in the hopes I would flying squirrel them, so I added a loud “whee” as I ran down the hall, so they had time to, well, quit watching TV or something before I launched between them.

I had heard that as we mature we put away childish things and habits and become adults. I said I heard it, not that I believe it. Don’t ever believe it, okay? Declare a moratorium on silly rules today. “No playing on the furniture” should be at the top of the list. It’s just furniture, it can be replaced, that smile on your face when you “get away” with breaking this parent-centric rule is priceless. I can’t imagine a world without “flying squirrels” or bouncing on the bed. Luckily for my parents, every time I visit them, I am known to launch a few at them for old times sake. I am sure they appreciate that they are always loved enough to get one, no matter how big I get, because after all, I will always be their little girl.

Outfit One:

Hat/Hair: Waka & Yuki
Necklace: .Shi, Stone necklace
Shirt: Drift, Serengeti **NEW**
Skirt: Ison, High-waist zip
Bag: House of Fox, Vandersatchel
Ring: House of Fox, Forever Young
Earrings: Indy & Co., Farouk
Bracelet: AD Creations Dollhouse, Fork Bangle
Shoes: {{BSD}}, Beauty Queen **New**

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