TOW. Another Way Second Life Cares. Part.Two.

tow xens starr rust tram b426 zib saskia mandala poly
Hat: Zen’s, Starr for TOW Hairs: Tram, B426 Makeup: Zibska, Saskia Jewelry: Mandala, Polly *New*

And in a second blog I will continue to share some of the amazing finds at the Tolerance is the Only Way event. Please share in this great cause. Here is a LM to the event: Taxi:

tow stl Urban Flower hmaem dolls dura girl29 kooqla o lips 02
Outfit: Stilo!, Urban Flower for TOW, Earrings, H.M.A.E.M, dolls Hairs: Dura, girl29 Lips: Kooqla, O lips02

tow molichino billie vanity hair starlight
Dress: Molichino, Billie for Tow Hairs: Vanity Hair, Starlight

tow bsd feather boa leezu tate heather truth mindy la shoe poses
Shoos: {{BDS}}, Feather Boa for TOW, Shirt and shorts: Leezu!, Tate and Heather Hairs: Truth, Mindy Pose: [LA], Shoe Poses

Tow Gizza love me or stay away vanity hair
Dress: Gizza, Love Me Or Stay Away Hairs: Vanity Hair,

TOW Amorous Fallen ZE Ranya Baoba Ghotic princess Dura girl32
Dress: Zanze [ZE], for Tow, Hat: Baoba, Ghotic Princess for Tow, Hairs: Dura, Girl 32, Necklace: Amorous, Fallen ** at L’Accessoires **

TO MEET ANOTHER, DIFFERENT FROM ME, BUT MY EQUAL. We would be honored to have your attendence for the fashion shows we are having in support of this inworld event. Come stand with us against homophobia and in favor of Tolerance on October 27th and 28th, 2012 at the Patch Thibeaud Auditorium, October 31 at Solo Evane Agency and November 3 at BeStyle Destrict Agency. Four shows showing unique designs created by the incredible designers of Second Life and modeled by some of the best runway models in Second Life. Once the fashion shows are over an exhibition will be opened where the designs will be shown for a week. The earnings from the designs sales will be donated complete to the nonprofit organization: COGAM (

I'm done inconveniencing electrons, any thoughts? Come on, you know you have 'em, post them up here.

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