Cao and Skip~Going Dior...

Skip and I have been working together for a couple of years now and somehow he always just “gets” me. I admit, I am a little quirky and not very graceful. So when I approached him about doing a “best friends” pic with the caveat being, we would duplicate a current “Dior Homme” ad, he didn’t even blink an eye. You go guy! See? He gets me, and I love him for it! But I am sure all who know me know I had no qualms about it either. hehe I am the MVW contestant who donned a beard and pretended to be Vincent Van Gogh when we were required to style to represent our favorite artist.


Thoughts on this? Just let go, bend your sense of style gender lines, besides, suits for women are hot right now. So go with it. Though for fit you may want to stay to the females lines, but honestly? This suit was way too cool to pass up. But I am going to say one thing, I’ve never said before about a designer, Epicosity? You need to work on your customer “no service.” While at the store there were two people there who represented the store, I had a question about fit, since obviously I am a woman wearing a mans suit. I IM’d both and dropped a NC to one, and neither bothered to contact me. I understand they may have been AFK, but a call back maybe? Kind of sad, since I mentioned I would be blogging them. But overall, the suit is perfection, and Skips was good too, but then, he can make a burlap bag look like nirvana. A huge, enormously gigantic thanks goes out to Sue Hunniton of “Pics and Poses” who made this incredible pose and to my favey faves Gala Charron of *ArtDummy! for the totally slick “Drafting Chair.” I hope you are all having a groovy Tuesday! xo

Outfit Cao
Pants: Epicosity “casual chinos”
Jacket: Epicosity, “Blazer”
Shoos: Epicosity, “slip ons”
Collar: Gizza, from the mens ” Barong Tagalog” outfit
Shirt: Schadenfreude, “Noir Eleanor” Blouse
Hair: Dura, Boy08

Outfit Skip
Suit: Will post soon, he is gonna smacker me, I can’t read my own writing to see who he said it is. *head desk*
Hat: Entente
Glasses: Entente
Hairs: Entente
Cigarette: Hoorenbeek
Ring: Renavita

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