Contests, designers, agency’s are always giving “style challenges.” You know what I’m saying “style fierce” style like such and such designers summer line, etc. Well short blog for today. Just a little something to think about and come away with your own ideas. “Style like a flamingo.” Sounds easy enough, right? But is it really?

Because from where I am standing, I think the model on the right wins hands down in creative styling. The take from? Don’t just follow the masses, follow the instructions but make your interpretation unique, different, amazing! Sure the pink flamingo is normal, but the zebra one, well thats just too cool! I’ve never known a designer of fashion to become famous from creating the same thing as everyone else. I’ve never known a model to be the best by looking like everyone else either. A HUGE, HUGE! thank you to Allegory Malaprop of Schadenfreude, the flamingo is a gacha product and after trying about 8 times to get this rare bird, I finally begged, cried and threw a tantrum, to be met with the comment, “um, that’s why the zebra flamingo is R.A.R.E.” But after much contrition and asks for forgiveness, Allegory had pity on me. Because without this rare bird, the lesson in this blog would be meaningless. Don’t you think? If your ever looking for really good, quirky and unexpected items to bring your style from “hmm” to “aha!” check out Schadenfreude, you wont be disappointed. Schadenfreude: Taxi:

Outfit One:
Hat: Boudoir, Dancing Queen
Eye Makeup: Zibska, Margo
Lip Makeup, Lovely Mi
Bodice and stockings: Son!a, Sarah
“tail” feathers” Zibska, Lola

2 thoughts on “Evolve.

  1. Aside from the kicking & screaming part to get your zebra flamingo, lol, the rest of your suggestion is an excellent one. Think outside the box whenever you can. This is why I used to love Maritima’s Styling Contests that were held a few years ago. It’s quite a bit more challenging to look like yourself than it does to look like everyone else, if you know what I mean. 🙂

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