The beginning of last week started out kindly, the days were warm and balmy, the cicadas serenaded me with their loud singing and the days mellowed into a lighter evening. Weeks like that, I love a gorgeous strappy “Lazy Sunday” sundress. Kallisto Destiny of Drift just released a pretty and chic set in multiple styles. Comfy and roomy the skirt flows softly as you walk, perfect for a lazy day spent out doors exploring, wetting the toes and enjoying the sun. SLURL under the “last knowns” page.

Sometimes, not often, but sometimes, Sundays in Second Life are difficult for me. Every time I try to complete a task, I am interrupted. Not a bad interruption, I rarely mind speaking with friends, it just seems like everyone contacts me on the same day or time. After trying to snap some pics, and chatting at the same time, I finally gave up on the pics and shouted “uncle.” Putting away the camera, I snuggled up in my most comfortable clothes and let the conversations and friendships encompass me. Life is good. Especially when wearing a soft and fuzzy “Cozy Sweater Dress” from Drift.

Outfit One:
Dress: Drift, “Lazy Sunday”
Flower: La Penderie de Nicole, “Rose Flower”
Hairs: LaViere, “Natasha”
Feet: *GA* “Bare Feet Pointed”

Outfit Two:
Dress: Drift, “Cozy Sweater Dress”
Hairs: Wasabi Pills, “brreee”
ArmWarmers: Maitreya
Socks: Peqe, “Wool Socks”
Shoos: Ispachi, “Seasons” (they color change, very cool!)

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