gizza marlene peqe flowery tights boon ark554 la gyo bizarre flower Flowers are a Girls Best Friend

Today is about, well, being happy! Nothing can put a smile on my face quicker than nutella and marshmallow fluff, S’mores, hmmmm Macaroni and Cheese all gooey and warm, Sour Cream Cheesecake.. And no, I’m not losing my mind, though Draakje would probably say I lost it years ago.. Short blog today, the take from? Splurge every once in a while. It’s Friday, kick off your shoos! Surround yourself with happy, positive people who hang with you without having a “hidden agenda.” And only do, blog, model, work, at things you love and are passionate about. First life can be drudgery enough, let your Second Life be defined by YOU.

gizza skinny pants mesh bouse leather maitreya radical boots evi hairs and scarf mons lipstick Even a Cao can’t pass up these leather pants!

I wanted to share some of the newness from Giz Seorn of Gizza today. So many gorgie things so little time, so I took out some of my faves to share. Draakje loaned me the skinny pants, but honestly? She’s going to have to pry them off my inert body, because possession is nine-tenths of the law, right? Does that apply to virtual life as well? I sure hope so!

gizza military coat slim dirty jeans baiastice emi boots teefy cross body bag stripes zibs margo Cattywampus Cao

Have a wonderful weekend in whatever space of oxygenated Earth you live in! I enjoyed todays styles and I know you will too. I know you will love them so much I even included a taxi for you! Taxi:

Outfit One:

Dress: Gizza, “Marlene” *New*
Tights: Peqe, “flowery”
Hairs: Boon, “ARK554”
Hat: LaGyo, “Bizarre flowers”
Lipstick: Mons

Outfit Two:

Jacket: Gizza, “Mesh Blouse Leather” *Last Fall’s line*
Pants: Gizza, “Skinny pants” *New!*
Boots: Maitreya, “Radical Boots”
Hairs: Maitreya, “Evi” (with added scarf)
Nails & Ring: Mandala

Outfit 3:

Jacket: Gizza, “military Coat” *New!*
Jeans: Gizza, “slim dirty jeans”
Boots: Baiastice, “Emi” Boots
Hairs: Waka & Yuki
Bag: Teefy, “cross body bag”
Makeups: Zibska, “Margo”
Pose “Foot rests”, LOST ANGEL Industry ❤

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