Voice.For.The.Silent. 2Lei


2Lei is a collaborative project between different groups in Second Life, born in 2010 with the aim to raise awareness and disseminate events related to the “International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women”. It is embraced by virtual artists, gallery owners, musicians and culture personalities of Second Life sharing a common message of solidarity to the women through their particular art.

“2Lei” is a variety of virtual teams in a traveling event between different spaces, with a very broad participation, and if we consider that an island can support up to 100 avatars, we can say we have been able to reach this limit for each of the events presented, with participation of users, not only Italians, but also from several international Countries. “2Lei” project, thanks to this virtual event, has the potential for more people to collaborate and meet, even at a distance of the space of the Earth, to pursue a single intention, awareness. Also this year, for the third edition and with great anticipation, we will be sharing the different events over several days, from 19th to 25th November.

Between November 19th and 25th, we shall speak, we shall commemorate, we shall stand in celebration of women. All women. But especially for the women of no voice who suffer needlessly at the hands of another. For our final event on the 25th November (time to be determined) we want to have a runway show of the “anonymous women’s designers.” The show encompasses the Yin and Yang forces of life. Relative levels of Yin Yang are continuously changing ebbing and flowing in life. Normally this is a harmonious change, but when Yin or Yang are out of balance they affect each other, and too much of one can eventually weaken (consume) the other. Let’s stand for those consumed in this elemental force of nature.

We hope you will join us! Are you willing to join us? Designers will just need to provide one black or one white outfit for the show. Models will just have to donate their time to walk in the show. So easy, yet so powerful. If you will help, please contact Caoimhe Lionheart or Draakje Dailey so we can kindly add you as participating anonymous designers or models. We are standing up to the bully with the fists, the evil person with the verbal weapons, won’t you stand with us?
info: http://www.secondlife2lei.blogspot.it/

8175574177_7d0aafa943_b Picture By Aliza Karu ❤

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