Baoba Spiral as worn by Kay Fairey

The show, as always went on. In a one SIM runway show, with an audience and participants reaching a total ebb and flow of 80, the show went on. Amazing, resilient, with fortitude, aplomb and grace. These are just a few of the words I can use to describe the models who took time from their lives to stand with me in awareness of crimes of domestic violence and I could not be more proud. You see, most of us have become spoilt with our two, three and four SIM runway shows. Shows where the audience gets to watch the model as if gazing anticeptically at her through an aquarium glass. These models kicked it up old school, without a complaint, with much humor, and with very little attrition. Yes, almost every one of them stayed. Despite being tossed to the Gods of the Lindens several times. In quasi-runway show walkorder (I had to move them about a bit as they were whisked away by Fate), thank you with all of my heart, CC Teardrop, Kim Rongyu, Mimmi Boa, Blackliquid Tokyoska, Irina Strazytski, Draakje Dailey, Gamp Lane, Kay Fairey, Catlyn Sahara, Jen Tafler, Sessie16 Resident, Jaosi Odriscoll, Algezares Magic, Ekaterina Tolczyner, Alethia Bonham, Tai Galicia, Xia Firethorn, Laura18 Streeter, Amelia Foxtrot, Kathrin Dassin, Jessilyn Brandi, Belladonna Wexhome, Arialee Miles, Annough Lykin, and Catlyn Sahara. A special and love-filled thank you to my little dragon Draakje Dailey, for helping with strong hands, listening to me fuss at times, but always being there as the faithful friend she is. This show would have gone no where without you. I am so honored to have worked with each and every one of you! Thank you for your kind heart to bring awareness to the forefront of peoples minds this week!

InMonster Fro dress Baoba Spiral

But, of course, there would not be a show without the Designers selflessly removing their “labels” from their outfits so we could anonymously wear their products! And Wow! as always you all amazed me, I wish I had just a tenth of the creativity our designers have! Thank you so much for participating! Thank you Aliza Karu for your kind donation of the SIM and to you and MarkWD Hellendale for creating our wonderful black and white, yin and yang runways! A special thank you to my new friend the live vocalist and DJ Scarlet Damour, who held such patience and grace as we tried to free up some lag and thank you to an old flickr friend, Willhelm Ewing, Pyramid Cafè TV, and specifically the video shooting talent of Trisha Abbot, who with no small amount of magic, allowed us to stream the show live for the overflowing audience.

Yin and Yang Couture Fashions By Ebony Baoba Sprial

I want to extend a kind thank you to Ramonzita, I honestly do. Thank you Ramonzita for in kindness realizing the import of this show, and allowing us to forge on without wreaking havoc. Most of all, thank you to our audience. I was overwhelmed by your numbers, by your exuberance and oh so proud to stand with you as we raised awareness of 2Lei’s “International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.” We have done so little but we have done so much. If one person in all of the week picks themselves up and helps just one battered victim, we have not only raised awareness, we have won a small victory. Thank you to my reader’s as well, for not wandering away as my blog was one dimensional last week. With happiness, and a touch of sadness that the week is over, I look forward now.

11 thoughts on “The.Show.Went.On.

  1. I’ll never end to tell you…how precious you are! I’m so lucky to have you in my life!
    love you my little Cao :* grazie !!

  2. Cao, thank you for making mention of me, but the credit goes to Pyramid Cafè TV and specifically the shooting was by Trisha Abbot. I did only the mouthpiece and gave a little help in directing.
    By the way, wonderful article that reveals delicacy of feeling and carefulness toward other people

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