glamdammit POE5 gift
Jewelry: GlamDammit “POE5” set, Hairs: VCD, Antlers: Boudoir, “Frosted Magic”

I never did understand why only men should receive good tidings and not the fairer species, so I resoundly wish a good will to all! Yes, once again its time for the now infamous Peace On Earth Hunt. Year five actually, in Second Life terms I think that means it started in the Paleolithic era. I used to try to “do” hunts all the time but never really found much of anything I am afraid. Not meaning the designers gifts weren’t amazing, I saw them blogged from here to kingdom come with envy, I just mean apparently my seeing-eyestick couldn’t access the nook and cranny the gift was so deftly cemented in to. But a few weeks ago I thought I would try again. I can’t recall which hunt it was, I burned its traitorous name from both my long term and short term memory. There was a clue the item was, I dont know, but basically supposed to be near the piano at Tres Beau. I just love Tres Beau, so I hopped on over there and got to work. An hour later, sweating from the labor of lifting and relifting all parts of the piano looking for the gifty, a tear fell down, and downtrodden I went home in acute embarrassment. They seriously need to consider an impaired hunt for those of us that are huntually challenged, I would stand here now and confess my impediment if the makers of these hunts would just once have a clue like, “see that gift box sitting right under the right paw of the mountain lion who hasn’t eaten in weeks? Thats the gift.” Well, praise the Lord and pass the tax rebates, I heard a little rumor yesterday, Sequoia Nightfire, CEO of POE5 realizing the impaired weren’t allowed to be involved with this whole Peace on Earth thing and Good Will to just those who could find the stuff, created a nice comfortable “lounge area” where people like Cao can relax in a big fat Lazyboy chair, scarf down Cheetos and heckle the other hunters hunting and pecking through the debris looking for the gift, and as they hunt away, I can pick up the gifts comfortably from my armchair. Yu-AY! The hunt runs from December 1st, 2012 to January 6th, 2013 so plenty of time for the rest of you to find the goodys! Have fun!

maitreya ymre glam dammitt twiggy mimikri lace cami ison highwaisted skirt
Jewelry: GlamDammit, “Twiggy”. Hair/Hat: Maitreya, “Ymre”. Shirt: Mimikri, “Lace Cami”. Skirt: Ison, “Highwaisted skirt”

Recently I did an article in Trend magazine on Winter attire and one of the amazing models pooled for the shoot was Mozart Loordes. After all was done, deadline met and everyone looking smashingly well-heeled and well, me just being there looking cute, I was speaking to Moz a little bit. He was telling me about his store GlamDammitt, a store he and Lexi Vargas co-design for. I believe the store has both clothing and jewelry, with styles for men and women, so its a one stop shopping experience. Moz very kindly offered me two pieces of jewelry, the first the adorable earrings and ring I wear in the first picture, the stores POE5 offering.The emerald earrings are festive and have a very nice celtic feel to them, the golden and diamond ring I think I will wear to every runway show I am in from now on, pithy and sweetly it says”Calm down, Merry on.” I could use this ring in real life when the holidays turn to stress laden gift giving. Whats not to love about having a nice laugh in the middle of the merryment? The second piece, “Twiggy” works both with casual and formal attire with its glamorous gold and black metal rings, interlaced with pearls. A perfect focal point to most styles! If you get a chance, stop by Glam Dammit, I know you will find something perfect! And while there, hunt for the POE item and Be Merry! Here, I even included the Taxi! Taxi:

POE5 Official Poster  [New and Improved!]

I'm done inconveniencing electrons, any thoughts? Come on, you know you have 'em, post them up here.

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