Voyeur. Diram, Chloe Cape and Brigitte hat. Hairs: Tuty’s “mathilda” Pose: Del May

Not a lot of words to blog today, resting and enjoying the weekend since after a few weeks of unseasonable chill (50’s to 70’s) here where I am in Florida, we are now having a bout of nice weather. So, I think I’ll wander away for the weekend. I hope you are all enjoying your weekend as well! This first cape is a new offering from Djod Karu of *Diram*. Below is the information on where to find it! Enjoy!

_________________________ D I R A M _________________________


CHIC Management’s 3rd Annual
W i t h L o v e < 3 H u n t
by Keira Seerose.

THE CHLOE CAPE, It will be hidden in DIRAM Store and will be Sold: 10 LS

• November 30th @ 4pm SLT: The hunt begins.

• December 28th @ 4pm SLT: The hunt ends.

Diram Megan dura36baiastice ikna ocra golden Also, just released, Diram’s “Megan” available, is the hat, jacket, shirt and pants, in so many mix and match colors it’s too much to show them all. Purse: Baiastice “Ikna” and Hairs: Dura girl36

And for a little fun, since it’s why I blog, a mix and match. I enjoy all the styles at Diram so much, I’ve even included the transport. Taxi:

diram blake the plank le leather bag bandit catena necklace pasha ring nyu debut hiwaist pant

Jacket: Diram, “Blake”
Pants: Nyu, “Debut” highwaist pant
Bag: Plank, “Leleather” bag
Jewelry: Bandit, “Catena” necklace, “Pasha” ring.
Pose: Behavior Body, “handbag set”

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