Bo Jackson, is argueably one of the greatest athletes of our time, if not ever. He is the man who played professional baseball and professional football at the same time, but not only played, was one of the best athletes in both sports. You may remember him from the epic Nike commercials, the ones from the “Bo Knows” campaign? If interested they are probably on YouTube because this campaign with the introduction of “cross training sneakers” created for our cross training Bo, singlehandedly brought Nike to the leadership role in the athletic shoe market. Though Bo Jackson was an amazing athlete, his career was cut sadly too short by an accident in football that required a hip replacement. But the point, and there is usually a point, he is one of the humblest people you would ever meet. He felt no need to flaunt his greatness, it was just part of who he is. He was thankful and felt blessed for his talent. How this pertains to you? When Bo was asked if he would do it differently if he had known the future outcome, he replied (in my words) that he wouldn’t change a thing because in all of us is an unknown greatness and we should seek it, set the goal high and strive for the goal until we reach it. Great words, yeah, really powerful and great words. Let’s get rid of all those “I can’ts and replace them with another slogan from Nike, lets “Just do it.” Just something to think about.

2.Snowpaws soleil feather dress cimeria wings nCore Zen bliss couture Huta mandala polly Boon PKJ 371 Aren’t these wings amazing? See? I really am an angel, I have wings!

Yesterday while reading Avenue magazine, if you get a chance, snag a copy, excellent photography and style! Anyway, while perusing, I came across a delightful little dress from Carrie Snowpaw of Snowpaws, jaw dropped and I squealed out an “I want! I want!” yeah, I am kinda spoiled that way. I found it, or something similar on the marketplace and while looking at Carrie’s other things, I found my perfect little high fashion angel wings. Mine, mine, mine. I hope you like my interpretation of the look. Oh, and Rusch Raymaker, you made me shop! To add a note, December 16th, Avenue’s Rusch Raymaker will be opening a new home for all of us, Zenshi. A place filled with fashion, entertainment, music, lifestyle and arts. I hope to attend and hopefully I will see you there too! Enjoy your day, we are almost half way to the weekend! So share a smile with those you see along the way! If you get a chance, stop by Snowpaws. I enjoyed this shoot so much, I even included the taxi for you! Taxi:

1.Snowpaws SOleil feather dresscimeria wings mandala polly ad venus stockings lg boutique huta ncore zen del may pose kooqla makeup

Outfit One:

Dress: Snowpaws, Soleil feather dress
Wings: Snowpaws, Cimeria wings
Jewelry: Mandala, Polly
Stocking, Angel Dessous, Venus stockings
HairBand: LaGyo boutique, Huta
Shoos: N-Core, Zen
Makeup: Kooqla, sold out from the Couturier’s Dock! Check in store though, lovely artistic makeups!
Pose: Del May

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