Well. I survived my foray into New Orleans. Who wouldn’t really? It’s such a gorgeously historic place. I just feel a little bit under the weather, which isn’t a good start to the new year. For my first blog of this New Year I’m not blogging clothes, so for the picture I chose this simple (and stunning) cowl-necked cocktail from Erratic Rain of the store Erratic and played it down with the Vanity jacket from the same designer. Short, simple and sweet.

A little over a week ago a dear friend of mine, who works for one of my favorite designers, began a rant on FB about an avatar in the store who didn’t change their shape so the system skirt she was wearing made her arse appear bigger than usual. For some reason, because of the simple fact the avatar was over two years old, my friend felt they should know about system skirts and design flaws. Well, I have to say, first of all, I adore this friend but I am of the sort who feels ranting on public forums probably isn’t the wisest course of action in any situation. But second, and more a point of my own shortcomings, I can attest as a fact that I myself had no clue about system skirts and arses until after two years of existence as well. Some of us take life at face value and just assume the situation is what it is. But after thinking on this for a few days I came to a conclusion of a blog I wanted to write, so here is the take from.

I get asked all the time which modeling schools I recommend. As you can see, I went to Mimmi Boa modeling academy, MVW academy (upper level courses), Outrageous Glamour advanced and Passion Academy (the only one that was free and I can say in this case free does not mean subpar, it is an excellent school taught by former MVW’s). I enjoyed them all, but this is what I feel about SL modeling courses. There is so much information you can learn without taking courses, so learn as much as you can by doing, by practicing, by interacting with other models. If you don’t know something, ask. Now, I DO recommend you attend at least one academy because it is a good way to meet other models, designer’s and really to get your name known a little faster. Talk to the schools, ask questions, talk to other models and see how they feel about the school from personal experience and choose one that is within your budget, because many of them are pricey and as I said, price doesn’t necessarily mean the education is better. So research and plan the course of action that makes YOU happy, because trust me, models don’t get rich, it definitely has to be a labor of love.

The second part of what I decided to blog. I have created pages (along the left panel of the front page) with some of the major tips and advice I’ve learned along the way. Many were taught to me and some I just picked up through experience but in all ways, I hope someone out there finds it helpful. Have a happy New Year and may your days be filled with love and kindness!

I'm done inconveniencing electrons, any thoughts? Come on, you know you have 'em, post them up here.

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