desir chinese shena alienbear feng huang mandala nails es shy away
Gown and Hairs: Desir, Chinese Shena. Jewelry: Alienbear, Feng Huang. Pose: Essential Soul, Shy Away

Short blog today, with no take froms. Well maybe one take from. The gorgeous kimono styled gown above is part of the exquisite new inventory in store at Desir, a dream of a store created by Vivien Emerald. The thing is, over the past few weeks she dropped a few gowns on me, and honestly? I loved them all so much I couldn’t settle on just one to blog. The take from? Think about that last sentence and it should come to you. I love Desir so much, I even included the jinriksha for you: Riksha:

Desir Sayoko Vanity Hairs
Gown: Desir, Sayoko. Hairs: Vanity Hair, Lady Boy

desir sayoko vanity hairs pose delmay

desir chinese dragon alienbear feng huang
Dress, Hat and Hairs: Desir, Chinese Dragon. Jewelry: Alienbear, Feng Huang

desir starline donna flora vivien brenda mandala sitennoah
Dress, Hat and Hairs: Desir, Starline. Jewelry: Donna Flora, Vivien and Brenda. Bracelet: Mandala, Sitennoah

I'm done inconveniencing electrons, any thoughts? Come on, you know you have 'em, post them up here.

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