I know you all know me and know what a recluse and solitary person I am. I cant help it, I’ve always been a quiet reflective person. But every year, about this time of year, I get so very lonely. I put on a mask and pretend it doesn’t effect me, but it still does, 7 years later. I’ve made a new blog friend and I think he has made me introspective and I want try to share more of me. It was this month that I lost one of the dearest most loved people I know, my best friend, my brothers wife. She was diagnosed, at the age of 37 with leukemia. She lived another nine months. She was survived by a husband, two children and a best friend, her sister in law.

Did you know, Relay For Life is the highest fundraising event the citizens of Second Life participate in? When I was inworld a moment ago, my friend Emanuelle Courtois stopped me in passing and spoke of her role in this years Relay for Life project. Emanuelle is an amazing videographer and her donation to the event will be a film of second life residents who have beat the awful ravages of cancer. She would like real life cancer surviving heros (you are all heros to me) to speak in voice through their avatar about what they have been through, what they have learned about themselves and share it with others.The format would be as if you are speaking to yourself at the age of sixteen, telling yourself what is to come, how to prepare or avoid. However, this is just a guideline. This is YOUR forum to speak in. If you would like the information on the film, or would like to share it with a person you think willing to share, please contact Emanuelle Courtois, or myself by January 20th, 2013 and we will see that you receive the notecard with information.

I help with a lot of Second Life charities, but the one that always means the most to me for obvious reasons is Relay for Life. Please don’t miss this event, created for such a noble cause. 100% of the proceeds of the SL event are for Relay for Life and are given to the American Cancer Society. Anyone who knows me knows my life has been touched more than once by the scourge of cancer. This is such a dreaded disease, it silently infiltrates families and friendships, doesn’t care whether its victim is an adult or child, nor does it care the color of one’s skin. Let’s work together to see this disease eradicated in our life time.

Hair: Boon, LCA518
Leotard: H.M.A.E.M. (Hate Me and Eat Me) La regina dei ghiacci Black
Shoulders: Glam Affair, Spike Shoulder pads *L’accessoires*
Shoos: LD Major, What a Croc

I'm done inconveniencing electrons, any thoughts? Come on, you know you have 'em, post them up here.

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