Caoimhe Lionheart My Precious Princess Face Photography by: Skip Staheli

I recently asked on FB whether there was anything anyone wanted me to blog and my friend Osprey Terasaur had a few items she wanted addressed. And as luck will have it, some of her questions segue perfectly in line with a subject I want to blog, tomorrow. The “Unified Heart – where 20 artists interpret the words of a Leonard Cohen song of their choice.” How does this fit her question? To shorten the length, I picked out a few of her items here, Osprey asked, “How you started SL … How you got into Modeling with the ups and downs of the whole thing … when was Caoimhe born on sl .. how old is she (your toon not you in RL) any background story you have made for her character …”

Cao Red Silks by Skip Staheli <3 Photography by: Skip Staheli

In 2007 while in college at the University of Florida, (class of ’08, Go Gators!) extra credit for a computer class was to explore Second Life and talk about its pros and cons and about our thoughts on virtual computer platforms for social and business platforms. UF had an inworld campus much like the real world campus, it was amazing! So I began SL in March of 07 with my first avatar. Second Life is a wonderful experience, but by December 22, 2008 I grew so tired of the drama, and deleted the avatar. I am pretty mellow I guess and I never liked watching grown up’s filled with so much teenage angst all the time. Just the thought of it still makes me feel like I should be in a bathroom puking to get my youthful girlish figure back. No offense intended for those who enjoy the scene, it’s just not me.

Geisha by ShiffTy Ricantaur Photography by: ShiffTy Ricantaur

What I DID enjoy was the artistic perspective SL offered. I used to love recreating art, or creating pictures of fantasy, and where I lacked the skill to create it, I used photographers like Skip Staheli for that, I was good at styling the look. So if you look at a lot of my old work, it typically revolves around art or fantasy. Cao Fantasy: . I’d give Skip a picture or describe where I wanted the look to go, and he in his magical way would create the vision. I should note this is not exclusive to Skip, I used several very talented photographers, but he was the one I worked with the most for these artistic interpretations.

Cao~as Alice Photo by: Skip Staheli

So in reality, my dream has never been to be a Second Life model, my dream has always been to be a part of creating art in a virtual platform. I am now more model than clay, but I think that is just a bi-product of the need to blog. I am perhaps not the best person to get a perspective of SL modeling from, I’ve never really thought myself to be one, but I will cover my opinion of the ups and downs of being an SL model on a later date. For now, I’ve probably just cured the insomnia of 98% of my readers.

What.Is.And.What.Shall.Never.Be. My Interpretive Styling for Avenue Magazine’s Modern Romantic

So the take from, and yes, there is. I think 110% of styling, is going beyond what is apparent to the naked eye. For these contests, don’t just copy the theme, give it an unexpected interpretation. But also,and most importantly, give it an artistic interpretation, only then should you never go wrong. I want to leave here with a small teaser for tomorrows blog about a few of the artists in Second Life, because I hope you will make the time to see the exhibit “Unified Heart – where 20 artists interpret the words of a Leonard Cohen song of their choice.” (January 26th thru April 21st,2013) Here is one of my faves of the entries by the incredibly gifted Dantelicia Ethaniel. But I enjoy them all so much, I’ve even included the taxi for you:

I Left a Woman Waiting by Dantelicia Ethaniel “I Left A Woman Waiting” by: Dantelicia Enthaniel

10 thoughts on “What.Is.And.What.Shall.Never.Be.

      1. My husband likes to sing an old song from his days at Florida (class of 1989):

        We are the boys of old Florida,
        Where the girls are the fairest [flutter eyes with a vaudeville heroine swoon pose]
        The boys are the squarest [draw four corners – real square, man!]
        Of any old state down our way

        We are all strong for old Florida
        Down where the old Gators play
        In all kinds of weather
        We’ll all stick together
        for F-L-O-R-I-D-A
        (GO GATORS!)

  1. =D I sing it after the third quarter of every football game! *cough* much to the chagrine of all those about me. I think knowing that bar room song is a requirement for graduation! Tell him to give me a yell, we’ll do a round of “Orange”


    I don’t know how you live with the man Harper, he is obviously a genius! He not only went to Florida, he married YOU! Wise man you have! =**

  2. Thank You so much for this … It was wonderful and the Pics were, as always, fantastic! I most defiantly will plan on visiting “Unified Heart – where 20 artists interpret the words of a Leonard Cohen song of their choice.” so the taxi will come in very Handy! I also prefer the artistic parts of SL from all the amazing Photo’s created to the art involved in creating outfits from a dress, pair of shoes or skins and makeup. I also enjoy building and decorating my SL homes over and over again lol. Drama I can do without thank you 🙂 Love your Blog and can’t wait for Part 2!

    Thank you again for taking the time to Blog and answer my rather personal questions on your SL Adventures and Life! ❤ ❤

    1. hehe (they were a big step in personal for me) but that’s okay. I love to decorate as well, tho I am about out of prims at this point. >.< I hope to see you at Unified when I am checking it out! Thanks aways for the kind words and support Osprey! xo

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