With.Shoes.Comes.Perspective.Feet: [Gos] “Toe point” Sweater: Ricielli Mesh, Laced Cardigans Set. (rest from yesterday.ewwww)

Yeah, yeah I know. It’s a woman thing, ah, shoos! If you’re a shoo hater, mosey on out of here, but if you are a major shoo ho, like I am, you’re going to love this blog because it’s like waking once again to Christmas morning and all the prezzy’s are yours! Have you ever wasted hours trying to get the skin on your shoos to match your avatars skin? Yep lots of raised hands out there, me too and I use “Color Cop” to make it “easy.” The worst thing is when you spend that hour or so and when you arrive at a new SIM they no longer match because of windlights. Well, slap my arse and don’t you dare call me Sally! [Gos] has a new revolutionary product, and it just amazed me with its ease of use.

With.Shoes.Comes.Perspective. Shoo: [Gos] Boutique, Marilyn. Skirt: Maitreya, Mini Vivid Leather Lust. Shirt: Leezu!, LBD Night Love

The HUD with the new shoes from [Gos] Boutique come with 250 skins preloaded. So there is a one time log in from the HUD, you pick your skin type and shade, save, and voila! Easy as lying in bed and reading a paper on a Sunday morning. For the first pic I loaded a Glam Affair skin I had stashed in inventory because I know it is a popular line for you all and it was a matter of 30 seconds to find the shade and save it. This second pic, which is the skin I always wear, was not listed on the list of 250. Hmmpf, go figure! No one ever thinks about us lonely old Cao’s! It wasn’t as easy as finding your brand and choosing the shade, but it wasn’t exactly laborious to get it right and considering I styled and took pics of all these outfits in under 30 minutes, I’d say my final result is close enough for a speed blogging foray, no?

With.Shoes.Comes.Perspective. Shoos: [Gos] Grace. Dress: Ladies Who Lunch, IT dress. Jewelry: Finesmith, Edina *NEW* LOVE! and hairs: Blackliquid, Succulent *Couturier’s Dock* Love also!

The best part? You only have to set the HUD once and all of your skin choices remain on the HUD ready for you to use with EVERY pair of shoes from [Gos]. Thats right, one HUD does it all! As an aside, these shoes are also rigged. And for those who don’t know what it means, don’t feel bad, I didn’t either so I asked Gospel Voom, the designer of the shoes. What a really cool dude he is, by the way! As for rigging, in the Gospel according to Voom, rigged means; when walking, or dancing, the shoes will mimic the natural movement and bend of a real life footstep. In other words, the ankle flexes naturally. So no more walking around with your foot always in a static position. YAY!

Take from? Let me see if I can think of one… Ah, okay. Silly me, the title. The take from? Why work so hard? It’s a second life, not a first. Shouldn’t your feet match your body seamlessly and without effort? Heck, I like the line so much I even included the taxi for you! Taxi:

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