If you ask “Who Can Turn the World on With her Smile?” nine out of ten TV watchers, especially those who flip to TVLand channel, would know the answer is Mary Tyler Moore. Hard to believe the iconic show is 43 years old. Talk about limited thinkers, did you know when the show aired in 1970 the producers felt they needed to provide an excuse why a 30 year old single, working woman would live alone? That’s how perverse our world was back then. I can’t imagine what would have happened if she had decided to have a live-in boyfriend, who wasn’t employed because she was the sole bread winner. This probably would have caused a world war! Not really any other thoughts here, for some reason, this new outfit from Maitreya just reminded me of the iconic actress.

But there is a take from, and here it is. If you are a female, there are many things we can be thankful for and we should be. Because we have freedom of choice. Did you know the producer’s were going to make MTM a divorcee to explain her solitary dwelling preference? Hmphf, being divorced was seen as more appropriate than being single..Can you imagine a world where the only excuse for being thirty and unmarried is because some guy left you? I think tonight when I get home from work, walk into my condo, shut the door and say “hallo lonely” I’ll say it with just a little more happiness.

Outfit One:
Hairs: Wasabi Pills, Valerie Taxi:
Jacket: Maitreya, Magan *NEW* Taxi:
Skirt: Maitreta, Mini-vivid Lust Leather *NEW*
Bag: Maitreya, Satchel
Shoos: Maitreya, Radical boots

7 thoughts on “Living.Post.Mary.Tyler.Moore.

      1. oh definitely none taken, I can’t be bothered to be offended, people are seldom intentionally mean, just misconstrued. But I didn’t even feel disrespect in any of your words, so no worry. Travel with peace today Benjamin. ❤

  1. One defect in this one: you need to have worn a knitted beret that you could throw up in the air on a busy street corner. (Grin)

    (Everyone remembers “Who can turn the world on with her smile….” For some reason — probably because the producers switched to the newer lyric with the second or third season — nobody thinks about the original opening lines, when Mary’s shown driving in to Minneapolis on the Interstate, after she broke up with her boyfriend:

    (“How will you make it on your own / This world is awful big / And girl this time you’re all alone / But it’s time you started living / It’s time you let someone else do some giving”

    (And the familiar chorus finishes with “You might just make it after all.” Mary surely did!)

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