I.Carry.Your.Heart. Gizza, Ellendir gown

I learned something disarmingly sad about myself over the weekend and because I am human, and want to change myself for good, I choose to put my flaws up here for all the world to see. As you know last weekend I came down with the flu and was pretty much down for the count. Well this has continued all week and worsened again over the weekend. In my smallness, I felt sorry for myself this lingering illness, but then I spoke with two dear friends. One, who is one of the closest friends to me I have, told me she may not walk again for a while. Her MS has taken a turn for the worst. Another friend, a new friend, said today his Parkinsons is winning the battle with his body for the moment and he is in great pain. The thing is, neither was feeling sorry for themselves or whining, they were just telling me to slow down and wait for them while they regroup. I had to sit back, bring out my mirror and take a look at my ugly soul. I am so small and inadequate. When events befall us, it is so easy to feel a victim betrayed by life, but remember for most of us, we can be assured that “this too shall pass.” Take from, yes. Here it is, and it’s not even from me. “I cried because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet” Chinese Proverb.

cao1 Gizza, Goodbye Summer Gown

Everyone knows I have my big Italian gyspy family, they adopted me and I have never left their door step. I was always such a solitary traveler, but then they showered me with their endless love. But, at about the same time, I was also adopted by my big Turkish family. What can I say? I love being loved and loving others. Giz Seorn of Gizza, has always made sure she has room for me in her family, and for this I am endlessly thankful.

I.Carry.Your.Heart. Gizza, Gloria

Recently while looking through my photo’s I had ear-marked for Trend magazine, I noticed one of the shoots Draakje and I had prepared for the summer “issue that never was,” there were some photo’s of items Asia Rae had taken of me wearing Gizza (the top two photo’s). The above photo is a recent release from Gizza and includes a HUD so you can actually change the colors of the dress! Remarkable! One dress, many colors! YAY! The models are left to right: Draakje, Falbala Fairey, Cao, and Ponchituti Boucher. (LOVE LOVE my Ponchi!). This dress is gorgeous and chic, so runnn! The scrumptious gown below is Gizza’s Valentine edition of the Gilda dress. Isn’t it divine? I can’t wait to rush over there and buy myself a little Valentine’s Prezzy. All photo’s are the work of Asia Rae (Love her too!) I hope to see you at Gizza’s, I’ve even included the taxi for you: Taxi:

gilda for valentines Gizza, Gilda for Valentines

4 thoughts on “I.Carry.Your.Heart.

  1. Simply stunning as always. The dress from Gilda would be a treasure that’s for sure.I’m sorry for your friends ms, everyday I’m thankful for all that I have. Have a lovely day.
    Oh btw one of my most favorite ever E.E poems.

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