I get it, I get it. You’re disillusioned and angry. Most of us are, at least about something. I mean look around, who could possibly be fully satisfied with the world as it is? The state of the economy, school shootings, violence in general, cyber-bullying? You name it, someone always has a problem with it. The problem is in how we “deal” with this anger. Children these days hear their parents complain about everything. We have children who raise themselves with the rhetoric spieled across the Internet and angry words repeated at home. A result of this constant barrage of angry actions? A lot of children grow up angry and disillusioned because they scream and fight and nothing ever works out to their benefit. They are frustrated, we all get that way, but they have no measure or skill in how to deal positively with this frustration. Let’s teach our children the correct way to express feelings, because last I checked screaming never tends to get you the response you wanted. Need an example? Look at the constipation known as the US House and Senate. Some days I think the best option there is one big bowel movement to remove them all from office and start over. The choice in replacement is easy too. I’d elect a level-headed divorced mother with a couple of kids who knows how to run a household and how to balance her checkbook every month. As for our children? Start now to teach them the correct ways of dealing with anger and frustration. I am tired of all this senseless bullying and violent killing. Let’s allow ourselves to become “un-numb” long enough to teach them how to make their adult life a better place. How to “deal” and cope when things don’t go their way. Each of has the power to make a difference, to bring about change, we just need to learn the rules of doing it with common sense, resolution and kindness.

The take from? Well its in the title of course, just a little reminder. Angrified is to be in a state of anger with no particular focus or cause, a tommyknocker is a coalminer whose lost in a coal mine and bangs the walls to try to get someone to hear him. If you have a reason to be angry, formulate a positive plan to ensure these anger points are addressed because banging the walls and making noise, might get you heard, but won’t necessarily save you. I know, a little high-gravity for a Tuesday, but someone recently brought up Sandy Hook and it got me to thinking. A dangerous pastime for a silly Cao.

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6 thoughts on “Angrification.and.Tommyknocking.

  1. Hour statement was brilliantly written concise and well thought out. A rounded and guided opinion with the knowledge and reserve to make hour point that much more well heard.

  2. You are absolutely spot on and I agree with all you have said. I particularly love your idea of a single mum as a replacement in parliament to get the job done efficiently and effectively. I often listen to question time in the Australian Federal Parliament on TV and am left in no doubt that many of these parliamentarians have lost touch with reality. Oh and stunning look and pic.

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