The.Things.That.Make.Me.Different.Hair: Miamai, Songe. Makeup: Zibska. Lashes: Boudoir,Serious Eyeliner

are the things that make me.~ A.A. Milne. Went shopping the other day. I never could get into (as in SIM full) the Gacha event, so I decided to explore old faves. A really long time ago I was in the Miss Morea Style contest. I even made it to the finals. Having never even been to a modeling class or in a runway show, it small wonder I lost to Serene Faith, who went on a week later to win Miss Virtual World 2011. Heck, I’d reckon I probably wasn’t even top five. Below is my entry picture, goes to show, a photographer (Skip Staheli shot this) CAN make a difference in the initial selling, so get some top pics in the portfolios, aspiring models. boy I’ve changed haven’t I? Then I suppose I have, I am three years older. This picture looks like “stop the madness.” I’ve felt that way at times, haven’t you?

Caoimhe~In Ecstasy

Where does time go? It’s as if while we are busy thinking ourselves all important and dallying with this or that, playing at a Second Life, real life is being gathered under the furniture, collecting itself up into little dust bunny’s, waiting the execution day when the Vacuum gets just the right angle of suction. Kind of sad isn’t it? To think we cower from real life at times. I don’t blame you, as far as realities go, the second one has a lot of the characteristics of the first one. So perhaps it is trading one journey for another. I just sometimes wonder if what I gained from Second Life is worth the loss of 1,825 days?

The.Things.That.Make.Me.Different. I love this bear, its a Gacha at the “Depraved Luck of the Irish Fair”Taxi:
But then I think about friends made, friends gone, laughs, learns (and boy have you all taught me quite abit) If not of an intellectual level at times, always of either an inspirational or sociological one. Culture, yes that’s probably the best word. I’ve become an international student of virtual anthropology.


The take from, I think. Is in the virtual world of sameness and “trying to fit in” somewhere. Don’t forget the thing that makes you beautyful is not your sameness, but your difference. We are all born unique, and in this uniqueness we have, we own, something no one will ever have. Show this beautyful uniqueness in both worlds. It is your richest crown.

(outfit notes coming.. (I have to go to the doctor))

4 thoughts on “The.Things.That.Make.Me.Different.

    1. Omgoodness Benjamin! the bears are amazing!! My Friend BabyChampagne Sass (who made them for the event) gave me so many from so many countries! You know I had a hard choice between this one and Ireland! But since the event was Irish, my heart and bear was South Korea. Thank you for your kind words, you are a dear person! xo

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