Always love, don’t wait til the finish line ~ Nada Surf

Always love, don’t wait til the finish line FFL: Dress: Sonatta Morales, Rose Garden . NonFFL: Hair: Tuty’s Romantic . Pose: Flighty Pixels Poses, Editorial Hat.

A lot of pics today, finishing Fashion for Life blogging. I’ll leave the rest to the really good bloggers of SL. I was doing my typical Friday Blog scan this morning and ran across this title on my friend Boo’s (Bootney Blessed) blog, This Sideshow (link on Blogroll). Sometimes, as a thinker and a watcher, I come across things I find that hit me in the gut and start my brain salivating. For some reason, this particular title nudged some long ago memory buried deep in my soul. I can feel it; I just can’t quite bring it out. It’s like somewhere on my journey I took a wrong turn and instead of doubling backwards I stubbornly kept plowing ahead. But it’s been so long, I can’t remember where it was that I made that turn. Not sure when or why I don’t try to go back and start again, perhaps it’s just too painful to face once again.
Always love, don’t wait til the finish lineAlways love, don’t wait til the finish line
FFL Dress: AD Creations Dollhouse, Shena . Bag: Cheerno . Shoos: BSD, Eclectic . NonFFL: Hair: Boon . Earrings/Watch: Mandala . Makeup: Blackliquid and Nuuna

But this title also reminds me about life, family, friends and a special love. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in daily life that we forget to say “I love you” (and mean it) to those nearest to our hearts. We work hard to provide for ourselves and for others but do we ever stop, crack open our hearts, instead of our wallets and let someone poke around in the mushy bits of us? Let them know, “when it comes to you, I am weak, I am yours?” Or do we mostly hold ourselves back to cushion us from inevitable hurt? I think I am probably more latter than former; I hide behind an aloof, quiet exterior. To be honest, life’s knocked me about a bit lately, but then, I suppose that’s just an excuse. However, when I read the title it reminds me, to love and be loved, even when you get knocked down, you are supposed to get back up, pry that heart open again and give your loved one free reign to poke about one more time. Your heart belongs to them anyway, right?

Always love, don’t wait til the finish line FFL: Outfit: Orage Creations, Glam Lace . NonFFL: Hair: Dura, girl 44 . Makeup: Mons.

Take from? Yes, I suppose so. We can spend a life time loving and making love, it would be such an incredible journey wouldn’t it? Or, when we come to the end of our lives, as we retire and age, we can try to “makeup” for all those years of love that we only gave out in small rations. That’s if the person chose to stay and live with our miserly ways. Boy when you see it in black and white, it’s kind of a no brainer which to choose. I hope your weekend is wonderful and warmed with love! And don’t forget! Fashion for Life 2013 is tomorrow! SLURL’s are on the A Fashion for Life SLURL’s page on the left margin! They will work tomorrow!


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