I am sure you all remember this? It was my “Modern Baroque Romantic” styling for Avenue tryouts. I had tucked the outfit away, softly folded with lavendar sachets in some dusty trunk in a deep corner of the attic of my inventory. The place I put all my treasured styles, outfits and gifts. I like to think of them as tucked there so one day a beloved grandaughter will find it whilst exploring and spend the day playing forest nymph, elf princess or any of the myriad of whimsy I’ve hidden there. But I pulled it back out because it didn’t seem finished. I had casted it off without its proper send off. It was just a snapshot, a silly snapshot.


I always, ALWAYS, have interpretations done of my major stylings, one day I hope to write a childrens books with many of them. Even if only for my adorable little nieces. I gave the assignment to Skip Staheli. He is always above par with his work and some how he just always seems to understand a silly lil Cao with a big imagination. I think he got it just right. Another gorgeous addition, no? Seeing me spinning away the winter dreft, I think this one will be “Springtime for the Woodland Faerie.”


Take from? Well, other than I hope your weekend has been grand, yes there is a small one. When you have these huge interpretive stylings, if you can, give yourself over to one of the artistic photographer’s in Second Life. It’s fun to see what they see in your creation. I’d never have thought of a fawn or faerie dancing because winter is finally over, but seeing it now, it sure does “fit.” Don’t forget! FFL is all this week! The SLURL’s are on the page to the left. I’ve heard of 2 million Lindens have already been raised, so thank you so much for your support!

Hair: Boon KBO906
Horn: LaGyo Spring Deer Headpice
Dress: Faster Pussycat, Virgin glitter top, and bodysuit Glitter pants, and Faster Pussycat Tutu, Faster Pussycat Padded corset
*SoliDea FoliEs* Amanda collar, *SoliDea FoliEs* Winter tutu skirt, and *SoliDea FoliEs* Winter tutu upper dress decor
Earrings/necklace: Mandala Polly
Boots: Miamai, Karya

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