I’ve gotten kind of mean in my “old”age. Naw not really, I’ve just accepted who I am, and who I am not. I’ve a friend who recently asked for my help and so I gladly helped him. “All hands in” is my motto for friendship. After the initial thank you, well things went to ‘ell in a handbasket. Yep, no good deed goes unpunished. But it does bring me to today’s tip for aspiring models and new models. Be dependable. Seriously. Before you sign on for a show make sure you can make all of the practices and can be at the show an hour early. Attending the practices shows the agency and the directors that you are dependable and your work ethic shows professionalism. Two items all agency’s look for in their models. Get that reputation, its worth it, trust me. Being early for the show ensures you are presentable. Arrive an hour early and put on each outfit you will wear, and don’t change until you are completely rezzed. Doing this creates a “memory” and should help with rezz issues in high lag areas.

les petit details 1

Take from? Sure! Sometimes real life comes up, but if there is even the remote possibility of this happening, don’t sign on for a show, it’s bad form. No agency wants to think they have everything in place set to go and then have a model come and “cry them a river” why they can’t make it. Or worse, to not show a’tall. If you want to make it to the top of Second Life’s modeling, be someone others know they can depend on. Today I am wearing one of my fave designers Nevery Lorakeets *LpD* (Les Petits Details). There is absolutely nothing about the new “Giglio” dress that doesn’t scream playful romance. The second I donned it, I just fell in love with it. The “Garbo” purse and “Candy” shoos are from *LpD* as is the skin. When I was shooting this yesterday, I wasn’t on my usual viewer, so I didn’t notice until I logged the pics were coming out a little ashen. It is a lucid pale offering available right now at the Skin Fair. The “Artica” skin is simply divine! To pull the look together to an adorable chic, I chose designer Chiaki Xue’s DURA brand “boy-girl17” hair which includes the hat! YAY! Love it when a plan comes together. All in a thirty minute styling. I’ve had so much fun, I’ve even included the taxi’s for you!

*LpD* Taxi:
DURA: Taxi:

6 thoughts on “Cry.Me.A.River.

  1. Amazing work as always Cao! it’s always a pleasure to read what you write! I know I already told it often but it’s true! And it’s very rare in Sl to find a so interesting blog that show cool pictures, great style and interesting opinions at the same time! Ty ❤ :*

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