For Every Drop of Rain

For Every Drop of RainI’m not a Cao, I’m a playboy bunny!

Having some fun today, as a Wednesday it’s been uphill all the way. I ran by the pose fair the other day, there are so many different pose maker’s there. A ton I’ve not heard of and a few of my fave creators, but all wonderful. I picked up quite a few too. If this keeps up I am going to have to get a job.. I fell in love with this particular rain pose set from {.:exposeur:.}. The umbrella is from Handverk and is made for the set but I think perhaps any umbrella you have on hand should do alright.

For Every Drop of RainThis pose is from Del May

Well looky there, the Cao changed back! And its Spring and I know, for every drop of rain a flower grows, but not a Lil Cao. So if you’re like me, you better get some chic rain gear for the season. This adorable little rainset (includes the boots!) is a sneak peek of one of the brand new *SoliDea FoliEs* outfits Mila Tatham created for the Solo-Evane Milan Fashion Week. I’m walking in the show, so I hope you will attend. I will post up some more information when someone sends it to me. *hint* Thats about all for today because I am late posting this. So see? Sometimes even I don’t have to have an entire blog of Word and Peace. Take that Draakje! 😉

For Every Drop of Rain

8 thoughts on “For Every Drop of Rain

  1. K. That rabbit is scary. LOL but i love the pose. The first one made me think of the singing in the rain post I did yesterday. Hope your well and have reached the top of your uphill day so that the rest can be a smoth coast home from here on.

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