Living in Color

Living in Color

I simply love when Winter decides to recede and Spring finally takes hold, don’t you? A friend and I were corresponding just the other day about the gorgeous green showing on the oak trees this year. You’d think this a silly conversation, right? But not really, colors are one of the things in life that constantly reminds me to slow down and look around, to relax and just view the happiness of the colors around me. I blame it on where I live, Florida is consistently a plethora of color. One only has to look at the implausible color of a flamingo to know the Gods have a keen sense of humor. My home state is such a cacaphony of deep bright colors, it’s a wonder we don’t all go blind over here. I think it is the unique blend of cultures, especially the Caribbean influence. In all ways though, I feel blessed to be a part of this melting pot of flavorful colors and look forward to exploring some colors available right now in SL.

Living in Color

Today I am wearing *SoliDea FoliEs* Carla in a yummy cotton candy pink. Pale hues were spotted in practically every real world designer’s spring-summer 2013 collection, is there any reason we should not share this trend as well? Colors with very low saturation, what I think of as sorbet’s or sherbets, are a big trend this spring. Ranging from very pale to warmer shades, our Second Life wardrobe simply cannot go without pastels. Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Ellie Saab all have brought these colors to the forefront of their 2013 lines and hopefully soon inworld designers will follow suit because there is just something so ultra-feminine about these soft colors.

Take from? Sure it’s easy to get mired in what’s “available” in Second Life, but if you look a little deeper, there are a lot of treasures out there to wear. Don’t fear color, I can’t think of a single skin tone that doesn’t have some complimentary color besides red, black and white in its seasonal color line. Be brave, let your avatar look happier and brighter by choosing the colors that best fit you. In other words, You are now free to teleport around the world in living color. Tomorrow, YIKES! the color wheel… Have a low gravity Monday!

Outfit One:

Hair: Maitreya, Saar
Hairpiece: SoliDea FoliEs, special for Cao (I’m kinda spoilt that way 😉 )
Dress: SoliDea FoliEs, Carla
Glasses/lipstick: Mons, Round glasses
Ring: Mandala, Motsumame

7 thoughts on “Living in Color

  1. Gorgeous dress! I am chuckling, as I live in Florida as well. I always tell people we only have two seasons where I live– spring and summer. Totally agree on the description on the unique blend of cultures that make up this wonderful state I call home.

  2. Goodness Cao, that dress would make a dead man jump, stunning!! Color love it all of them even the yucky ones, but i guess thats no secret coming from me LOL.

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