Going To California

Cao and Draakje Flower PowerClothes: GizzA . Photograph: Skip Staheli

Every once in a while I like to research the culture associated with certain styles of fashion. One of the era’s I’ve often found fascinating was the culture of the hippies in the 60’s and 70’s. The hippies were a counter-culture, a rebellion against societal norms of the time. They sought to free themselves from the restrictions society, most often “the parents,” placed on them, they wanted to find their own way, or find new meaning to life. I often wonder how that went, because personally, I still have days when I wonder what the meaning of life is. But perhaps, thats the point, the fact that we are free to find meaning, instead of settling for the status quo in of itself should mean something, right? The personality traits the hippies tend to be associated with are self-sacrifice, spirituality, honesty, joy and nonviolence so they chose fashion that would distance them from the normal attire of the day.

Hippie symbols were purposely borrowed from primitive cultures, with hippie fashion reflecting a disheveled, often vagrant style. As with most middle class movements their was a challenging of gender roles, both men and women had long hair. In what I suppose would be termed as letting “one’s self go,” the men grew beards, the women wore no makeup or bra’s and there were a lot of bare feet walking around. Personally, I still maintain that one. It’s up to you to decide which of the three I am talking about. But the one thing that seems to stay true to the hippie counter culture is their artistic love of colors, which is why I am blogging them today, my last day of the week of color. Hippies often chose brightly colored clothing, such as bell-bottom pants, vests, tie-dyed garments, peasant blouses, and often pieces of native American jewelry, scarves, headbands and beaded necklaces.

Take from? Yes, probably so. Fashion can be used as many things, a counter-culture, a weapon, a device, a lure, but most importantly as an expression. When you are styling for something, especially a contest, first step is to do a little research into exactly what you are styling for, don’t assume you know. If you skip this, you may just end up looking more cliche than on target. Just something to think about. Have a gorgeous weekend! GizzA:

7 thoughts on “Going To California

  1. Oh! My Goodness, This has to be my fav blog yet. Not as far as your words of wisdom:-) But for the styling and photo “wow” Makes me want to visit Woodstock or something, and no I have no personal reference for it….I’m not that damn old lol! Girl you are one groovy chick xoxo Spirit

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