Haute House Flower

haute house flower

I’m having that kind of weekend, not quite as enjoyable as I would like. Second Life busy, I suppose. I always get this way when I have a show. So to take a moment to breathe, I decided to do one of my “throw it on and see if it sticks” stylings. I had a lot of fun and the mind has almost cleared, which is a good thing because I’ve been invited to the birthday party of a six year old this afternoon. I love these kinds of party’s because oft I think we are on the same maturity level. I hope your weekend is mellowing into something wonderful and I hope you like my haute house flower.

haute house flower 2

Take from? Sure! Don’t ever limit yourself by thinking, I can only style “formal” or “casual” that is seldom the case. If you take the time and just try and experiment with your fashion, you will be amazed what you can create!

Haute House Flower 3


Hair: Miamai, Songe (edited)
Hip Pieces: Miamai, jeunesse (part of)
Jacket: #Cartel#, (*Boom*) Chinese Short Coat
Skirt: Maitreya, Leather mini (red)
Boots: Belgravia, Electra Boots
Headpiece 1: LaGyo, Peonies
Headpiece 2: Glam Affair, Fiora Antlers (Collabor)
Eyeliner: Glam Affair, Embelished
Lipstick: Mons, Sandy

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