Don’t Cast Pearls Before Swine

Flowers and Pearls

“Pearls before swine” often refers to a quotation from the bible (Matthew 7:6) from Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount,implying that you should not put what is valuable in front of those who will reject the notion that it has value or perhaps will diminish its value or destroy what you offer. But I think I was thinking more along the lines of Kurt Vonnegut, jrs “God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater” when I thought of the title. I can’t say I find the book overly enjoyable, the author seems to have forgotten to write in the plot, but Vonnegut clearly and relentlessly (sometimes needlessly) makes his case for Humanism. The book is a cry for all of us to love one another without reservations, and without expectation of material rewards for such love, the book is effective. So on that front, how could this novel possibly be a bad thing?

Pearls Before Swine

Take from? In a way, doesn’t this back door into the Sermon on the Mount? Mr. Rosewater is a wealthy, perhaps a bit dotty, philanthropist who feels guilt for his wealth and feels he should give it away to make himself poor. So he begins an experiment with human nature, but what he finds is a life riddled with universal greed, hypocrisy, and follies of the flesh. So many in our world are corrupt and broken, need an example? Look at probably nine out of ten politicians in Washington. But the same could be said of a second life, be careful and protect what is of value to you, your mind, your heart, your soul. If you share it and a person shatters what you have shared, don’t believe you can “fix” them into accepting you and what you value, you can’t fix this kind of crazy. Move on, move up, there is better. Don’t cast the pearls of what is so uniquely you before this kind of swine, the act will only leave you muddy and hurting. SLURLS to styling are here: Taxi:

Outfit One:

Hat: Bliss Couture, Imani
Skirt Ricielli, Mini Top
Shirt: Ricielli, Mini Skirt
Ring: House of Fox Forever Young
Necklace/Earrings/Watch: Mandala, Pearl Rain Season 2, Hokusai
Shoos: [Whatever], Spiked
Belt: Diram, Diana

21 thoughts on “Don’t Cast Pearls Before Swine

  1. I love reading your blog more than anything else, the pictures and stylings are always fabulous, but nothing captures my attention more so than words, love it Cao 🙂

  2. Your breathtaking analogy of this wise dictum is indeed truly the pearl itself. People will show us who they really are if we are willing to put aside wanting to interpret them through our own filters. When who they really are turns out to be someone who will not have a positive impact in our life…then the most honorable thing we can do for our own true self is to walk away…and keep moving forward as the champion of our spirit, heart, and soul. Ho’oponopono <3<3

  3. I used to log into Second Life with Mr. Rosewater’s kind of mentality as well and it was a losing battle ever since. Moving on and moving up is a humbling experience but you’re so right, keeping our ‘pearls’, from falling by the ‘wayside’, is the wisest thing we can do as residents.. I so love this post Cao, thank you..

  4. I’ve followed your blog for what seems like forever now, and have thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of your posts. You speak from the heart and touch on topics that we can all relate to, both in our real as well as our second lives. Thank you, Cao.

    1. another huge smile. One of the things I love most of SL is most are so open and happy to learn of each other. I cherish you Sazzy so much for your support of this small place in the virtual world. 😀

  5. This was a wonderful read and weaving Vonnegut into the sermón on the mount into learning ways to cope with Sécond Life predators is brilliant.

    I love the creative opportunities provided by virtual environments but as you suggést, SL is thick with members who think only of themselves and who assume that everyone else is the same.

    Your post truly is the light of hope.

    Thank you for posting it.

    1. you humble me, thank you Mateo. I too love the creativity and intelligence.of virtual platforms, its just being weighted down by the rifraff that makes it unenjoyable. I hope your weekend is gorgeous!

  6. This post hit home with me. Just yesterday I was approached by an acquaintance in SL who said he needed to tell me something, “for my own good.” It was all lies and rumours and slanderous to a person I hold dear. I always try to be kind, but sometimes I’m pushed to the edge. For the first time I have not only de-friended, but muted a person in SL. My pearls in Second Life are my family and friends. I refuse to let someone who is bent on hatefulness destroy that.

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom, and reminding us of lessons we may have forgotten ♥

  7. so true. If someone doesn’t value what you have to offer, it makes sense to walk away rather than stick on. btw, lovely hat and necklace. The red background, dress and shoes. Perfect

    1. Nightlake, as always I am honored when you take a peek here and more so when you offer insight. 🙂 I have been AFK, so I am sorry it took so long to respond. This has beem such a growing experience for me! I have been pretty much busy since Wednesday, but the most amazing thing is I truly miss so many of you! I miss reading all of your blogs. See? You have told me what I need to say today. You are fast becoming a cherished virtual friend. 😀

      1. Thank you, Cao. That is so kind of you to say. We probably think alike in some aspects:) I am happy that my blog is one of those you like to visit.

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