Wasting Time


I know I haven’t been doing it, but it feels like I’ve been wasting time these last three days, so much left to do in moving my parents, but selfishly I hope I am done today so I can enjoy the weekend unhampered. Short blog today. Wasting time, that word, to waste has such a negative connotation, I wonder if, when it pertains to time, should it be so? I kind of think rarely is time wasted, sure you may not be doing what you are SUPPOSED to be doing, but are you doing something you would RATHER be doing?

Wasting Time

Take from? Sure, I am a Cao. You are the owner of your time here on Earth. In those few times you can do so, take your time and spend it however YOU want to. It may seem a little selfish, but aren’t you entitled to have enjoyed your life by living it the way you see fit? It’s wonderful to help others but always save a little time for you to “waste” on yourself. Have a wonderful weekend! See, I’m a rather nice Lil Cao, SLURLS to this look are here: Taxi:

Ships in a Harbor

Hair: Lelutka, Vibrato
Bikini: Drift, Tini Kini **NEW***
Towel: Hawker House, Over Shoulder Towel
Shoos: Maitreya, Flip-flops
Poses: Lib Descent

3 thoughts on “Wasting Time

  1. All things considered…I’d rather waste time than do time…just sayin. I know…bad Xiu…I just couldn’t resist being a touch cheeky 😛 Great post! Perhaps a small sacrifice of packing tape to the moving gods would expedite the move? Have a fabulous weekend <3<3

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