Be Careful What you Wish for.

Be Careful What you Wish for. I’m a movie star with my painted eyebrows. Sometimes it’s fun to go Hollywood for a little while

“Be careful what you wish for because it may come true”, one of my least favorite proverbs. As far as a negative attitude goes its right up there with “No good deed goes unpunished.” It kinda takes the very joy out of wishing, doesn’t it? Taken another way, though, this proverb is actually excellent advice. Instead of a dour caution, see it as a challenge to dig deep into your heart, to what you really want. When we regret a wish we’ve been granted, it’s often because we unconsciously limited the dream before it left our heart. We down-sized it to increase our chances of getting something. We don’t allow ourselves to dream big. We’re afraid to ask for too much. Because we don’t really believe our wishes can come true, so to limit disappointment we “shelter” ourselves from wishing for what we really want.

Be Careful What you Wish for.This gown is so dreamy, I may never take it off. I’m a sexy Cao.

Why worry about wishes not coming true? Because honestly, we all experience disappointment at one time or another. When we fail, does it hurt? Well, of course! But when you succeed, it’s one of the most valuable treasures you will receive in life. However, no one has a “Fairy Godmother” to make a wonderful life of fulfilled dreams happen, after all if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. We have to realize our own dreams and then work to make them happen. so in essense, within each of us is a fairy godmother put there to help us. If only we would take the first steps.

Be Careful What you Wish for. Red is such a luxurious color, I’ve yet to see a person it doesn’t look glamorous on

Take from? Yeah, it’s here. I can’t tell you how much I missed you all. Honestly I did. I feel like I’ve been gone forever. But thats an aside. The take from? Be careful what you wish for, because if you decide not to “settle” for the status quo in life, and happen to dream big enough and it comes true, you just may be the happiest person in the world. And the best part? You defined your own destiny and worked to make it happen. When you are self-reliant in creating your own happiness, define what will make you happy, and achieve this lofty goal, you’ve only got yourself to “blame.” I kinda like that. Being able to blame myself because I am happy. How about you?

Outfit One: (gold)
Dress: Desir, Patrycja Taxi:
Hairs: Vanity Hair, Valentina Taxi:
Clutch: Epoque, Mortier

Outfit Two: (red)
Dress: Desir, Euridice
Hairs: Vanity Hair, Valentina
Jewelry: Purple Moon, Cubics Taxi:

9 thoughts on “Be Careful What you Wish for.

  1. Some of the most amazing, successful people in history didn’t just wake up one day to their dreams being fully manifested, they failed a lot, they learned from their failures, they persevered, they worked hard and they never stopped believing in those dreams. Some realize the beauty and joy lie on the many paths in the journey.

    “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”
    ~Eleanor Roosevelt~

    Illuminates do sholas agus fáilte roimh dhaoine eile a Shine a n-éadrom, chomh maith le … blessings go leor mo bhó ciallmhar beag

    1. You are an amazing woman and friend, my dear Xiu. :**

      Bealtaine siúd a bhfuil grá dúinn, grá dúinn.
      Agus ní gá dóibh siúd a bhfuil grá dúinn,
      Bealtaine Dia cas a gcroí;
      Agus más rud é nach ndéanann sé dul a gcroí,
      Féadfaidh sé a n-uain rúitíní,
      Mar sin, beidh a fhios againn orthu ag a n-limping.

  2. 1. Stunning dress
    2. You are sooo right, dream huge and work your tail off to get there and when it happens enjoy it, you’ve earned it.!!

  3. My Mom told me as a child, “Blessed are those who expect nothing, for they shall not be disappointed.” I had tried to live my life by that proverb, but recently, someone very dear to me said, “You deserve more than that, Peep. Dream.” And now I won’t settle. I know dreaming won’t make something come true, but holding that dream up to the light of day and seeing it is possible makes the journey more interesting.

    Another lovely, insightful post, dear Cao. Thank you. Oh, and I feel a need to make a dream of owning those dresses come true!

    1. My mother is a lot like yours Peep. We have to forgive them, they are only teaching us with the world view they had to live with. I kind of like that we live in a world where we don’t always have to be practical. It opens the door for such whimsical and magical things as smart phones, blogs, and *gasp* being able to reach out and communicate with otherwise would be unknown creatives (like you) through the use of the Internet. Life is good! 🙂

  4. It is only by dreaming, hoping and working towards it that we can achieve things. but it is easier said than done. The path to success is indeed rough. The red dress looks lovely 🙂 so graceful

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