Forensic’s of Life’s Journey

Forensic's of Life's Journey

Life is funny, especially one with an entire world at the fingertips of your keyboard. Between Second Life, my blog list addiction, Facebook, Flickr, Plurk etc, I touch or am touched by hundreds of people throughout this universe, each and every day. Mind boggling honestly. Look at it this way, if you have an average of two-hundred readers clicking your blog each day, can you imagine having this many friends stop by your house each day just to see what you are up to? Sure, some of these people land at your door accidentally and never return. Still others are just short-time passers-by in the journey of your life, they poke around for a few days or months then wander off bored. But some, well they are different.

Forensic's of Life's Journey

Even though virtuality shrouds you in a certain amount of anonymity, as humans we crave to touch and be touched. So sometimes we are open to the concept of meeting one another, even if only in the space and time provided by the Internet. A few of the real life blogs I read I feel this way about the writers. I believe strongly in a humans instinctual ability to “feel” the soul of another person and if you can trust this instinct in yourself, you just may make a friend of a life time. The point being, I’ve found such a friend. Well actually two or three, but this is about one, just one. I am so blessed having met him, he is perplexed having met me (yeah, I have that effect sometimes). We are kindred in many ways and polar opposite in others, but most male- female relationships have this sort of yin-yang tug to them, remember my two blogs about what he or she are really saying? Most of it was in gest, but was it all?

Take from? As we travel our road from birth to death, buried deep in our soul, hidden in the musty dusty corners and crannies, are the memories of all who have moved us, traveled a spell with us, saved us, or redirected our paths. Each have left their fingerprints or emotional DNA written on our hearts, each have added a new color or dimension to our emotional technicolor dream coat. No one ever really knows why it was this particular person at this particular time who moved us, perhaps if we had met earlier our paths would have crossed with no meaning. But at THIS time they have some key elemental gift that they are destined to bestow upon us, if we would just allow and accept it. Good or bad, this gift is ours to learn from and only with working through what “it” is can we pass through this chapter of our lives to move on to the next with renewed potential and greater hope. Well, thats just a random observation from a Cao, not sure its worth the time it took to write it, but you can take from it what you will.

Hairs: Blackliquid, Geisha **Couturier’s Dock**
Jacket: Tomoto, Mille Fleurs dark
Pants: Maitreya, Mesh Leggins
Makeup: Miamai
Pose: DelMay

5 thoughts on “Forensic’s of Life’s Journey

  1. As humans, we are always scared of being hurt, but still desperately reach out, hoping that somebody will connect to our soul. We can see those who move us even in our dreams.. Happy that you have connected to one such person.. and I found this post very meaningful

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