The World According to Cao

World According to Cao

I know most of you don’t really believe me when I say I am undateable. Only those closest to me really know what a mishap waiting to happen I truly am. But by my usual standards of measure, this week has been epic. I met his family, he met my family, both could be recipes for disaster for any relationship. But I have to be honest, I loved his family, maybe even a little more than I like him! The first time I met his grandmother, she walked into the room in her coordinated polyster “jogging” suit, giant glasses and sparkly, colorful earrings and waved her cigarette at me while exclaiming in a voice raspy enough it acknowledges her years of smoking, “What a pretty girl!” How could I not fall in love? In fact I am thinking about trading my mom in for his grandmom. The day after my birthday we had lunch with my mom. I figured since it was a work day and we only had 45 minutes tops, how much trouble could my mum get into, right? Everything was going along nicely, I saw my mom looking at me but thought nothing of it. Just about the time I put a rather large piece of lettuce and tomato in my mouth, she turns to my new beau, smiles at him and asks him if he will be in our yearly Olan Mills family photo next week! I actually couldn’t speak the rest of the lunch. I still can’t figure out whats worse, the fact that she asked him to be a part or the fact that our family does something so bizarre in this day and age.

World According to Cao

He is amazing though. He met Katy the Jack Russell Terriorist the other day and she hates everyone. She was flopping all over him, couldn’t get enough attention from him. When I remarked how amazed I was he said he wasn’t surprised really because kids, dogs and gay guys all love him. I’m just hoping that’s not an omen. But today was the worst. I’m supposed to have a date tonight to meet with some of his friends. My cell phone has T-9 on it. You know, the thing where your phone tries to figure out what you are texting to finish it for you? It’s possessed. I’ve watched it kill relationships before. I once texted “I’m taking anap” (forgot to hit the spacebar between the two words) and it came out anal. Thank God I was chatting with a girlfriend who knows me well and knows these conversations are normal for me. Well, today Jay texted me to ask when I wanted him to pick me up. I texted back “after work I have to get a vaccine and groceries.” Well he’s pretty quick on the take, I am sure he knows what happened. I hope. He texted back, “Lol a Vaccine huh? You have something you need to tell me?” Embarrassed for the umpteenth time this week, I just texted back “I meant a sucking machine for the floor.” Mess that one up T-9!

Take from? Of course! And yes, much of this is written in gest. I love to laugh at myself! Heck some of my friends make a hobby out of laughing at me. But the point is, never take yourself too seriously. Let a person see the bad just as much as the good. When you do, you will know for sure whether they are a fair weather friend or an all weather friend. Time will tell on this one, but with the way the week shaped up, it’s looking pretty sunny in Florida. Now, I just have to find him and Katy matching outfits for the picture.

Hair: Tuty’s Adorable
Jacket: Purple Moon, Hana *Couturier’s Dock*
Knicker shorts: Leezu!, Glitter pants
Shoos: {{BDS}} Toiles de Joury, disco cyan **L’Accessoires**
Handbag: {Cherry}, Sage snake skin **L’Accessoires**
Necklace: NYU, Outrage! **L’Accessoires**
Pose: **Manifeste**

14 thoughts on “The World According to Cao

    1. omgoodness a few days ago was so bizarre. in the morning I needed a jacket, it felt mid-50’s. When I left the office it was about 98. How in the world do we know what to wear Spirit? Have fun this weekend!

  1. Sounds like this one might be a keeper. Heck the dog likes him ! Fyi I got a cat the same way, she doesn’t like anyone including me but loves my boyfriend of almost 5 years now.

  2. So funny, Ive sent some pretty horrid txt myself prior, oh well damn predictive txt, Glad to hear things are going so well with Mr. and cross fingers for ya.
    Cheers and happy firday.

  3. Oh my goodness, Cao, I nearly snorted my coffee! Not over the “vaccine” but the “sucking machine for the floor”. Who needs T-9 to make THAT interesting? 😉

    1. 😀 and here i thought “taking anal” would trip up my “side of Cao” friend ;* i hope your weekend is amazing my sweet Peep! Personally for my own safety I think I should probably go back to a dumb phone…..

  4. You gotta post the family pictures of Olan Mills here!!! 😀

    You should be able to turn off that autocorrector-thingie (I’m assuming that’s what T-9 is, I’ve never known how it’s called in english). It’s the first thing I do when I change phone, hate the fekker, especially when I ususally text in english or finnish, but the T-9 will offer me spanish. xD

  5. ahh the wonderful world of autocorrect.. many a times I’ve wanted to throw my phone into the drink because of that! I love coming here Cao ty for sharing 🙂

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