Girls Gone Older

Girls Gone Old
Yeah, yeah I know. At some point, me and my besty girls probably became too old for “Girls Gone Wild.” Probably right around the time we graduated from college, though personally for me, I never got around to going wild. It’s not tiger momma approved, I still have that “good girls marry doctors” mantra tattoo-ed to my brain. But some of these girlfriends? Yikes! Kinda funny how I’m the only one whose never been married, yet. But it’s okay, I kinda like the person I live with.. me. I still love girls night out, we try to at least once a week or once every other week. Its been said by experts that good friendships literally make you healthier by increasing your life span, boosting your immune system, and making you feel generally happier as a whole. Hear that mom? Being out with the girls doesn’t make you a lesbian it makes you an old maid. So there!

Girls Gone Older

We really have fun, no matter what we do. So I’ve decided today to throw my five fave “girls nights out” here. And yes, sorry, it seems for the best nights out, alcohol was involved. We do not drink and drive though, we always have a husband or boyfriend deliver us home after the evening is done or crash where we are. I have to admit, as I look at them now and blush, when women get married, their tastes in “girls nights out” become a bit more, well, more. Please let me know what you do to enjoy time with your girlfriends, I’d love to know!

1. Just Dance Shots on the Wii. It’s just as fun as going out dancing but we don’t have to spend hours getting “made up.” The kicker, if you miss a step, time to take a shot. Personally I don’t mind having to take the shot, I dance better when I’m drinking. 😉

2. Pole Dancing lessons. I know I don’t get it either. I guess if you are married, you learn to pole dance so your husband puts dollars in your thong instead of someone elses. But really it’s a ton of exercise and I look at it this way, I am either preparing for the day when I too am married or if I lose my job, I’m already trained for another.

3. Fake Bachelorette Party. We do this once a year if we can, its loads of fun. We grab a bunch of penis paraphernalia and a paper veil and take turns being the bachelorette living up our “last night of freedom” at our favorite bars. You’d be amazed how many free drinks you get, from men and women. But it does require a designated driver for the evening.

4. Wine Tasting Party. This is another fun one. Every one brings their fave bottle of wine wrapped in paper and the hostess includes a few extra bottles, including one “skunk of the month.” (A bottle you are unsure whether it will be fit for human consumption). We then smell and taste each wine, putting comments about them on a notepad. It’s funny how crazy the comments are the further into the tasting you become, especially when we try to figure out which one is the skunk one.

5. Sex Toy Party. I have this one friend (I think every one does). She is a stay at home mom but wants to make money on the side. Over the years, she’s sold Avon, Tupperware, Southern Living Home Collection, Pampered Chef. Well you get it, those home parties where you get your closest friends tipsy enough that they will spend anything on you just to get the sales pitch over with? Her latest venture was a Sex Toy party. Well honestly, I am repressed enough that when I buy sex toys, I have to buy them while wearing sunglasses perusing the Internet on one of “those” websites. But well, she’s a besty, I’ll do anything for her. So three drinks in, which is probably about the time I begin to list a little, this thing called a “rabbit” comes hopping across the floor at me, unable to get up in my current state, the last thing I remember was feeling a little faint. It took me forever to get her to take that pic off her Facebook page before my momma saw it..

Take from? Of course! Life may move on and we may grow up, but don’t ever allow yourselves to grow apart. Friends are the people who not only support you, they travel along with you. So laugh and love with your new family and your “old” family all blended as one. As an aside, this is the lovely dress from Kyra Camel of Baboom that I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, and the hairs a heart friend Chiaki Xue of Dura’s latest release, Dura girl47.

Dress: Baboom, May Mesh Gown **New** Taxi:
Hairs: Dura, Girl 47 **New** Taxi:
Makeup: Mons ❤
Jewelry: Indy & Co, Suha Stones
Ladder/tree: What Next, Falling Wall
Chair: DIGS, Morris Chair **New**
Books: Patron, Silk Bedside Pillow book

6 thoughts on “Girls Gone Older

  1. LOL! I’m crying here! Your friends sound a LOT more fun than mine 😦 However, I DO remember going to an AFL game with a couple of girlfriends who were entertaining customers in their company box. WITH an unlimited bar tab. We didn’t pay much attention to the game, but we ended up behaving rather…um…badly! to hail one of the few precious cabs after the game.

    And yeah, we got one before the drunken guys who were there before us 😉

    1. \o/ you have to go wif us Peep! Or, erm, I suppose you all can just borrow the idea and do your own! I wish I could have seen you at the game, I’d a taken pictures of us as we hailed the cab! 😀

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