*It Stops Here

It can’t really be that much a surprise to those close to me who really know me. I’ve always spouted I am a drama free zone. The outpouring of support and kind words has been amazing, for this I really thank you! But as a person with a degree in marketing, I can’t find it in my heart to “trash” a designer for being, well who he is. I can’t do a thing about his upbringing or in the least finding solutions to problems. (i.e. since I told him I was trying to help, perhaps he should have found someone to interpret (google translate maybe?) exactly what I was saying? But that said, I have told only two people the name of the designer and these are my closest of closest confidents and I will tell no others.

*It Stops Here

But I want to tell the story anyway. Just in case “The Designer” has been saying things about ME. The other day I blogged a place called GOL. And was wearing the below outfit. I mentioned it wasn’t done. Well it wasn’t, I’d just started. I was going to create a sort of modern Asian fusion. I sware, this is why you should never deviate from your norm, you end up in places you should never be. I was inworld for a rare Friday evening and opened a NC sent in groups from The Designer. I was so excited about the pants working in this Asian Fusion outfit I rushed right over. I want to make a note to designers here, if you use the vendors where you click the vendor, pick the corresponding number to the style you want and then pay, perhaps it would behoove you to photoshop the name of the color on each pant to delete confusion. But I digress, I wanted the “apple” style (name made up of course) did the steps purchased apple, had an apple shopping box, opened it and inside was “orange.” Okay, I need these pants now, I want to blog the Asian fusion on Saturday.. I went back and purchased the “orange.” And lo and behold, in the orange bag is the apple pant. So thinking I was being helpful I sent a NC explaining to the designer he may have a mistake with his items. He fell off the charts first accusing me being an idiot not knowing how to use a vendor correctly and then a “copybotter” huh? To be honest, I am still not sure what that is, but I think it’s someone who steals other peoples designs. Wouldn’t I have to have a purpose to steal, especially since I (1) have no clue how to make anything and (2) would it even be copybotting when the designer used a premade mesh sculpt and put a pattern on it? Couldn’t I have just paid 350 myself for the sculpt and put my own pattern on it? No, don’t even wonder about it, I stand by number 1.

GOL The Next GenerationYep, I broke model rule number one, I went into public half styled.. shhhh don’t tell Frolic! Outfit credits coming soon!Pose: Del May

So realizing there is a language barrier, I go inworld and take a snap of the pant and naming it “this is orange” (while wearing the what looked like an apple pant) and vice versa. I mean surely a photo is a universal language, right? After over an hour of stress, being banned and muted and not allowed to grace the designers presence to hear why exactly he has taken this turn against me, I logged off and went to the party. To find THIS in my inbox:

“will talk with education or going to treat me with contempt, or been a misunderstanding” (Again, really? What exactly have I said about him by name?)

“So you say you’ve had a bad customer care According To You, I have tried to understand your problem, but I’ve seen arrogance so I did not like, if it was your attitude That Should Have Told I have wanted to show me another way Because I have not gone very well understand what I wanted to say with pants … I ALWAYS I treat my customers ALWAYS very good! always Come With education and good manners and not pushy.
Whenever I See That attitude of course.” (remember, I wrote him a NC only trying to help. I not once asked for a refund, or anything. I sent him a NC and the pics trying to help him with further confusing sales. Yet I am the one with bad attitude? I didn’t even get angry until he muted me, banned me and said he was going to report me to Linden Labs as a copybotter *head desk*)

Take from? Well yes, Marketing 101, “Understanding the Voice of the Customer.” Any successful business, even a Second Life® business, if you want to be successful for the long haul, get over your ego every once in a while and realize most misunderstandings are easily fixable if you clarify exactly what the customer wants. As I said, I used the words “I wanted to help” and not once said “I want a refund.” How can you misunderstand that? If you know a smattering of English you should at least have heard the words help and refund, they seem to be commonly used inworld. But most important, always remember, this is a virtual world, not the real world. Very few people, if any, get rich. But what we do have is our reputations. Mine is right up here almost every single day and I pride myself on always being professional with others, (except in matters of the heart and family, of course). So before you verbally terrorize, harass and ban a fellow resident, I’d think I’d at least try to understand where they are coming from. It’s not as if all of my links are hidden in my profile, they are right there for you to check. I mean really, no excuse. Well not for boorish behavior, the language barrier, I’m sorry we had that, I honestly am. /me whistles as she walks away..

22 thoughts on “*It Stops Here

  1. I’m sorry that u had 2 deal with this. I completely understand how disturbing it Is to attempt to bring professional ethics to ones work and learning in SL only 2 encounter one of the plethora of grandiose narcissIsts who use SL 4 “narcissistic supply”. It sounds as if he took ur suggestion as a challenge to his illusion of perfection.

    And it is so typicl that the “copybot” card would be played. Aftert six years as a member I have learned to view the theft of my ideas as a compliment. The ones who rage the loudest against the theft of “intellectual properry” are often the.worst offenders.

    It looks like you do good work. Fortunately there has been recent infux of creative people who view sl as more than a game and a hide out from life.

    Rob Goldstein

    1. that is very true. Some people take themselves way too seriously. And yes, that is true as well. I am very happy now that I no longer spend hours in front of a computer. I truly enjoy blogging, I think the SL fashion is just a way for me to create my own pictures for my blog. It’s fun. Have a wonderful weekend Rob! 🙂

  2. I think Rob hit the nail on the head there with ” illusion of perfection”, some people just don’t like to be told they have done something wrong, of course this is THIER flaw of personality, to bad the rest of us have to deal with their abuse because of it.
    Don’t take this to heat Cao, and please don’t let it stop you from helping the next person. I think your reputation will stand true, and if doesn’t to a few then those few are not worth worrying about what they think anyway.

  3. I guess he doesn’t understand that there IS a difference between apples and oranges 😉

    I’ve only had two negative experiences with designers in SL in 4 1/2 years, but I’ve never been banned or muted. I applaud your restraint in not naming him, but appreciate the marketing lesson. I hope he sees your blog and translates it so he can learn from you.

    Hope you had fun at the party!

    1. I know, probably deaf ears. To be honest, this is the first time i have ever had a disagreement with any one. Ever. Five years. It’s so against my nature and unsettling.

  4. Let me get this straight. Someone mixed up the items in their boxes. The box that was meant to be “apple” contained “orange” and vice versa. You tried to point this out and they gave YOU a hard time? *FOR REAL*? I’d be thanking you and sending you a fatpack for mentioning it. WITAF?

      1. In fact, it occurs to me that this very same thing *did* happen just last week at World Goth Fair. I got an IM late at night one night last week from Lysana McMillan, who told me that the contents of two of the Scarab eyeshadows in the gacha were reversed. Gold and pink,I think- the gold was in the pink box and the pink was in the gold one. I fixed it on the spot and sent her a fatpack for letting me know. I’m just… jawdropped that someone would give you a hard time over this. Anyway, I’m really sorry this happened to you. That’s ridiculous, and you shouldn’t have been treated that way for pointing out their mistake.

      2. You handled it with great charm, just the way it should be done.I’ll have to get back over there and check out what you have at Goth. Thanks Bronxelf! 😀

  5. Just read this… ok I am slow at the best of times, but where would all the old words go with out slow la las… anyway so true 90% of SL merchants have nary a clue, and so the sad sound of belly up flips.

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