Running Off at the Typewriter.

Running Off at the Typewriter

Too much news to blog today, so just grabbed a couple of old fave pic’s reposted and here ya go! First! New round of The Couturier’s Dock is tomorrow, so don’t miss out on these limited quantity, reduced price items. And they are doing themes now! YAY! I love themes! This months theme is Morocco and it opens May 31, 2013 at 3:PM SLT. I know you will love it so much I even included the camel for you! ride:


Do you have a trunk full of monkeys, erm, outfits that you’ve styled because you just enjoy creating new looks from existing and new inventory? Have you ever wanted to be a Second Life Fashion Model? Well, here’s your chance to show your stuff! Style Kingdom is having a casting for Non-certified models! So get out there and have some fun, show them what you can do. Style Kingdom Magazine is having a casting for all non-certified residents (as opposed to being certifiable, like me ;P ) to have the opportunity to become part of the magazine’s OFFICIAL model’s team! Becoming part of the official team means you’ll be featured in every Vol without needing to cast for every next release!

Yes, you heard us correctly! You don’t need to be a graduate with a modeling certificate to cast as Style Kingdom Magazine believes in giving opportunities to everyone on Second Life!

Casting challenge

Challenge – Style in the mood of having been betrayed.
Keywords are MOOD and BETRAYED.

Casting requirements

1) Avatars minimum age 1.5 yrs old

2) Speaks understandable English (Interviews in text will be held)

3) Has either a flickr portfolio or fashion blog of at least 6 months worth of fashion styles

4) Human avatars only

How to participate

1) Each resident must ONLY submit 1 entry/1 style with both a close up and full body photo

2) Professional editing NOT allowed as we want to see styling skills NOT photo shop skills

3) Email your entries to with your photos and flickr/fashion blog link if you have one, in-world note cards will be ignored.

4) Dateline – 2nd June 2013

**Seeking certified models or professional stylist to help you style will result in immediate disqualification (Trust me, we’ll know if you had help)**

Trust me, it can be done! I was a finalist in way too many contests before I went to a single modeling school. All you need is a creative flare and the effort to take a pic of it. Good luck to all those who join in! Have a low gravity Thursday! ❤

I'm done inconveniencing electrons, any thoughts? Come on, you know you have 'em, post them up here.

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