Jonsing and the Act of Recouth

Jonsing and the Act of Recouth

Some weekends you just don’t get any rest. Here it is Sunday and I feel like I’ve been going since Friday night. Don’t you hate those Monday mornings when you get to work, sit down and think, “What was that? Was there a weekend in there somewhere?” I’ve had a rather fun and enlightening weekend all and all. I even had a little time to work on The Book. Saturday mornings, gotta love them. But no good deed, or good time shall go unpunished. After my blog upload and cup of coffee, I have to go spend the afternoon with my mum. Well as you know Jay and I have been dating three or four weeks now and I have a scary suspicion my mum will have well intentioned, well placed bridal catalogs lying all around her new villa. Transparent? Yeah, the woman’s as subtle a glass wall in a bathroom sometimes. But I love her all the same. I mean, who wouldn’t want their daughter happily married? I just can’t help think today is a day of contrition, where I have to atone for too much jonsing on liquor over the weekend. But man, was it ever fun!

Jonsing and the Act of Recouth

Take from? Sure, don’t be so serious you can’t enjoy your single life. Tomorrow will come whether we want it to or not. Look back at your behavior, if something is uncouth and so not you, time to recouth and fix it. If something was just a hell of a lot of fun, enjoy it, because one day your mums going to get her way and don’t you want to get there after having experienced all life has to give? The way I look at it, by enjoying life there are a lot less “what ifs” when you do find the one. As an aside this is another piece of the new [Mandala] summer collection created my friend Kikunosuke Eel. ❤ This is truly an incredible collection and I know he has made something special that you will enjoy too. The best part about [Mandala]? They are pieces I would love to wear in real life too. In fact, I enjoyed Kiku San’s things so much, I even included the taxi for you, I’m kinda nice like that. Taxi:


Necklace/Earrings: [Mandala], Nyorai ***NEW***
Hat: LaGyo, Nocturn Orchyds Fascinator
Hair: Boon, BNG331
Shoulders: Gizza, Marlene Collar
Shirt: *SoliDea, FoliEs* Sabrina
“Belt”: *SoliDea FoliEs* Sabrina collar
Skirt: Eshi, Monarch Skirt
Gloves: Mimikri, cuff gloves
Makeup: Mons ❤

12 thoughts on “Jonsing and the Act of Recouth

    1. See!!! This is the one I was mentioning from LaGyo for your shoot, you can wear it veiled or not veiled. (its actually blue, I took an artists liberty to dollop a shade of purple on it) :DDDDD

      1. I’ll have to check it out! But I’ve decided not to enter. I read beyond the prize information and discovered that if I win, I would have to be available for in world modeling! I’ll leave that to the pros. I’m so NOT model material lol

  1. I think bridal catalogues, dreams of many happy grandchildren and (more or less) subtle hints are in a mother’s DNA. I’ve been facing these for more than 15 years and she’s still trying. And I’m still resisting. But I do love my mom! 🙂

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