Vehicle Tags and Life’s Lessons

Vehicle Tags and Lifes Lessons

It’s going to be one of those days, bad hair day and all, I have something to say, so if you don’t want word and peace, you can go, I sincerely thank you for showing up. But this one has been a few weeks coming, I think. A culmination of several Second Life® and Real Life® ( 😉 ) events. One day I was driving home from work, I travel roughly 45 minutes each way to and from work. So as you can imagine, it gets a little boring and recently I caught myself tag surfing. Tag surfing is a way I can play with numbers and letters to create words. I know, I know, Cao’s a little off, but its a lot safer than texting and driving. This day, I saw a tag, LVURKDS and just reading it gave such food for thought to me. It seems daily I read or watch the news, and some parent, boyfriend, girlfriend, et al is arrested for abusing their child. And to be honest? Forget girls gone wild, lets focus on parents gone crazy. Why can’t we just love our children? And if we can’t love them, why can’t we do the adult thing and let a family that CAN love them adopt them? There is no stygma with adoption, it’s actually one of the more noble things you can do for a child you seemingly can’t care for.

Vehicle Tags and Lifes Lessons

What is up with a society where we allow pedofiles and child abusers to take away our childrens safety? These are the future leaders of our world does it not behoove us to be proactive and not reactive to this type of criminal? My father, the pediatrician, was a firm believer in not sparing the rod to spoil the child and I’ve never thought I’d go and hurt someone else because of it. And don’t get me wrong, I am a huge believer in disciplining children, but I’m not sure spanking is an avenue I would travel down. The point is, there are controlled ways to instill in your child what is right and wrong, There are ways, that don’t include caving to their every whim, or constant attention to keep children from growing up chronically bored. So hopefully when your little princess of four years old is a teenager you won’t be chaining her outside to a tree like a dog because she sneaks out at night. But by golly, it’s summer time again and that scares me. A few years ago there were no less than 4 different homeless people killed at four different times by four different groups of teenagers. Their excuse for taking the life of another person? Kid you not, they said they were “bored.” To the parent of this child, I feel terribly for what you are going through, but couldn’t part of the problem be you?

What brought all this on? I can’t really pinpoint one exact thing. Maybe the visit with my parents, or perhaps it has to do with child abuse running rampant, but I think also it’s because of RicoRacer and Editorial Clarity-Flux’s “Stand4Love” campaign. Trust me, I know, parenting is a saintly job and little ones are trying of patience on the best of days. But somewhere along the line we need to stop the madness and parent children with Love and Logic and parent teenagers with Love and Limits so they are raised up to be respectful, responsible and self-controlled in adulthood. I just can’t help but think that if we did the foundation work in youth, there would be no need to even have a Stand4Love campaign, because open respectful children grow to be accepting respectful adults. Sorry about such a high gravity blog on a Monday, but well, I’m a Cao. I want to be more fun and play fashion blogger the rest of the week and any way, I’m just running off at the typewriter, take it for what it’s worth to you. Probably not so much.. But gee,I sure do feel loads better. xo

Dress: Shiki, Midnight **NEW*****
Hairs: Boon
Glasses: Redgrave
Purse: Handverk
Earrings/Watch: [Mandala] Leather Feather, Hokusai, Nyorai
Shoos: Gos
Makeup: Mons

9 thoughts on “Vehicle Tags and Life’s Lessons

  1. Oh im with ya girl, thats why they made cigar scissors and shot guns baby and I’ll leave it at that beacuse the rest is best said on my site.
    Much love and sunsets.

  2. California is THE best place to play your tag game. People come up with some interesting things to say (abbreviated) on their license plates and some aren’t quite so easy to figure out.

    Now onto your real topic. I can’t agree with you more Cao. The past few generations of kids have lost all respect for themselves and for other people. We recently had a murder a few weeks ago where I live where 2 young boys ages 15 and 16 beat a man to death just for the fun of it. The game they were playing is called “Knock Out” and it entails seeing if you can knock out a person with one punch to the head. Not only did they knock out this guy standing on a street corner waiting for a bus, but they killed him because the first punch didn’t work. They continued to beat him in the head while he was down on the ground.

    I blame this on the parents. Not everyone is cut out to be a parent and it takes more courage to admit that you shouldn’t have kids than it does to actually have them. I’m adopted and while I have no desire to seek out my biological mother, I admire her more than I can express for giving me up in order that I could have a life that she couldn’t/wouldn’t have provided for me. I would like to think, however, that even if she had kept me, she would have taught me right from wrong. Parents seem to be lacking in that area today and give their kids free reign or better yet, they feel that someone else (teachers, taxpayers, government) should be taking care of their kids because it’s too burdensome to do it themselves.


    1. You have said so eloquently exactly what I meant Linda with the added caveat you yourself were benefitted by adoption. (Tho my mean older brother always told me somebody left me on the doorstep when I was a baby) 😉 thank you so much, and your mother was a brave and kind person, as was your mom. 🙂

  3. The homeless and the people on the streets are always the ones being victimized by the society’s bad people.. It could be the upbringing. But parents are not always to be blamed.. If someone is determined to be evil, no monitoring, kindness and preaching can help. Friends, education and habits could also play a role in shaping somebody

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