It’s not you. It’s my Shrinks Orders.

It's not you. It's my Shrinks Orders.

Yeah, I know. That’s just “It’s not You, It’s me” in a more creative spin. What can I say? I am trying to be a tactful little Cao. But honestly, some people never cease to amaze me. Yes, I am back to this whole dating thing again. People scare me sometimes. It seems like all most people worry about anymore are their dates looks. Don’t get me wrong, I like a date that looks and smells good too, but I can also kick Johnny Handsome to the curb without a second thought if he can’t hold up an intelligent conversation. Do you think thats being too picky? Because on the other hand, thank goodness I have SOME good looks because after two dates of Jay carrying on the conversation and me picking at my food with my spork while staring at him like he’s the ape in the zoo, at least I had some redeeming quality to keep him coming back. Have we become so shallow a society that how we look is more important than what we are made of? I, for one, certainly hope not. I love a man who can laugh at me and with me, who can read a trashy novel love scene to me while I lie next to him, who appreciates the crazy idiosyncracies of a potential mother in law (sorry mom, your not a selling point in my love life), and likes me at least a little more than he does my dog the terriorist KT. Is that so much to ask? Well I certainly hope not.

It's not you. It's my Shrinks Orders.This gorgeous outfit is a Dior Replica created for me by my heart Mila Tatham of *SoliDea FoliEs and will be in stores soon. The incredible picture is by my love Skip Staheli. ❤

The point? And yes there is one. If you find you really like a guy, could stare at him for hours in fact, perhaps you should put on the blindfold for a little bit and just listen. Because when we take the visual appeal away, there is a more realistic “picture” of who you are contending with. One true fact that I live by in dating and it has served me well is, I believe you should always remember when you are looking for “The One,” beauty fades but stupid is forever. Wow, that sounded a little harsher than intended, but you know what I mean. Just something a little lighter for you to think about today. I’d try the blindfold test on Jay, but he’d probably think it’s his lucky night..

12 thoughts on “It’s not you. It’s my Shrinks Orders.

  1. I think you should try stabbing him with the spork when conversation fails you. His reaction could be the tipping point on whether he’s a keeper or not 😉

  2. Sadly, looks are given a lot of importance in our world. Agree with you about the sense of humour and intelligence. and also some compassion towards fellowmen.. If he has compassion for strangers, he’d surely treat his GF/spouse very well. And the outfit looks heavenly

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