Nothing of me is original.

Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everybody I’ve ever known ~ Chuck Palahniuk

Nothing of me is original.

One of the sad truths of life is none of us is uniquely original, we are more or less a recycled bi-product of genetics, our upbringing and the fingerprints of those around us. Each misplaced long ago discarded friend, lover, family member, co-worker, or acquaintance leaves these little indelible smudgey fingerprints on our soul. It could even be an event or comment so miniscule and unimportant to us we’ve not given it a thought in years, but at some point it put a unique little ding in our internal armor. We are not necessarily molded only from the negative events of our life, the positives help some, they just meld us together differently. The uplifting events and words often strengthen us and enforce us to take a kind eye to who we are and those around us, and the negatives tend to fill us with a belief of how the world sees us and the parts of us we try to keep hidden. Why is this? Because not one of us is an island, there is no way to insulate our soul from the forces in life pushing continually against us. Think of it as an emotional gravity, the good emotion and the bad are both needed to keep us grounded in our journey through life. And honestly, at some point we are either the receiver (the ding) or the giver (the knot) of negativity. Most people don’t intend to be the knot, it just happens. Why? Because of the historical events in our lives that shaped each of us into who we are.

Nothing of me is original.

I’ve been on a bit of an emotional roller coaster this week and someone has dinged me a little, and I’ve let it rule my emotional well-being for a few days. But what makes me grow is how I choose to let this person inhabit my space. And for me, I think what’s best is, I won’t turn my back on them, but I won’t stand and wait patiently for them to acknowledge me either. The take from? Yes it’s here. There is nothing really original about you, but on the other hand, every thing is original about you, because no single person on this Earth has had every experience and interaction with others that you have had. So don’t measure your happiness by the happiness of others, measure it by your own standard. You can not make another person be happy, you can give them a brief moments joy, but their happiness they have to create within themselves. If someone in your life is repeatedly notching little dings of angst in your soul, do yourself a favor, take a break and look around, because there are plenty of people who want to uplift you and make you smile. Remember, emotional gravity can be good or bad, why not fill your heart with good for a change? Just some random thoughts for what they’re worth. I know, probably not much.

06062013 Adorable Cloud with Pose from Flowey. “pet cloud” story, an incredible offering at Collabor88

Head Band: LaGyo, Peonies
Hairs: Dura, Girl37 <33
Dress: Mimikri, Gigi
Necklace: Lagyo, Blanche (edited)
Ring/Earring: [Mandala], Motsumame and Senjyu

17 thoughts on “Nothing of me is original.

  1. Oh Cao, don’t sell yourself too short. Your words may come from jumbled up emotions, yet they are poignant, provoke, teach and inspire. You don’t have a following for just your pretty pictures. 🙂

    The take from? Your worth is what you think you’re worth.

  2. Oh, lil Cao. You are so wise, although you bruise so easily. I spent years “disappointing” and “angering” my ex by things I said and did. I finally realised that it wasn’t what *I* said or did, but how *he* chose to feel about it. And I learned to be happy again. And to never live without happiness and laughter again.

    I’m sorry you’ve been dinged this week, but I’m so happy that you so uniquely you ♥

    1. 😀 You have become such a heart friend to me Peep. I can’t imagine I’ve had this much fun prior to stalking, erm scratch that, “following” you through our social media outlets! Thank you always and very smart move to choose happiness, life is too long a journey to live it walking on egg shells. (I’ve been there too).

    2. Very true words Peeps. It is how WE choose to feel about what others say or do. I learned this not too long ago.. not always easy to remember, though it really helped me separate myself from others negative emotions.

  3. What is beautiful here is the profound thoughts and feelings intertwined with the most breathtaking creations. I am so so sorry you were dinged. But boy do you know how to make something beautiful. X

    1. I truly think the way you bring me such smiles out of the harrassments in life is what makes me see the lighter sides of life, Teeny. You always bring me such smiles and dreams I could write with as much humor and aplomb as you. You are like an Erma Bombeck for our generation. Oh but way funnier and better looking! When you decide to sit down and write ‘the book’ I will be first in line to buy it! 😀

  4. Deep thinking. Agree with you about originality. Suppose, you are poet and have a unique thought. Just google the phrase that you think is ‘original’ and you’ll find that somebody has already spoken about it in detail. You have put it so well. We are original, but in a way, we are ‘recycled bi-products’ too. Particularly enjoyed these photos and the headband.

  5. You’re right…What makes us unique is nor what we make but how we see. Thus that image at the top of this post which is clearly a Second Life image composed of standard second life prims and skins is uniquely yours. The voice and image are unmistakable. (by standard I don’t mean to imply that the designers of those prims and skins are common) 🙂

    Rob Goldstein

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