Baby Booties to Ballet Slippers

Baby Booties and Ballet Slippers

I don’t know how it happened. Two of my god-daughters from two of my besty club are having a ballet recital today and of course aunty Cao has to be there front and center with camera and requisite bouquets. But as is the way with RL, the time constraints are making this a short blog today. We have to go get our updo’s and all, of course. What fair ballerina would ever have just a mama’s updo on such prestigious a day? Seems like just yesterday they were little princesses in baby booties. And now they are six, Kindergarten in the bag and looking onward to first grade. Sometimes when you actually stop and sit still, you realize that as you made no movement a’tall the past six years, everything in your life is the same old thing, while you were idle, the entire world kept on moving without you.

Baby Booties and Ballet Slippers

Take from? Don’t be idle, move, improve, learn and grow. Because whether you want it to or not, the rest of the world WILL move on without you. None of us is big enough to demand all things as we want them, be happy for the things you do have. Love those about you. When someone angers you write their name in the sand so the wind will blow away the angry feelings. If someone does something nice for you, etch their name in concrete, so you will remember their gift to you for a lifetime. Just some random running off at the typewriter. While the girls are updo-ing it, I think perhaps I need to color, I think I saw a gray today.

Outfit One
Bag: Gizza, Gezi Park 3D **NEW** Taxi:
Bracelet:[Mandala], Pearl Rain Taxi:
Watch: [Mandala], Hokusai
Ring: Maubray, Aviva
Glasses: [Gos], Cateye
Hairs: Vanity Hair, The Meadow **New** Taxi:
Sweater: *LpD* Princess Taxi:
Skirt: Living Imagination, Treasure of the Old Loft **NEW** Taxi:

9 thoughts on “Baby Booties to Ballet Slippers

    1. I think as long as we are facing forward and not living in the past we will be fine Sung. Perhaps our journey just requires a little more fermentation than others. 😀

      1. Some of us are too lethargic to even notice that the world has moved ahead. We are rudely awakened one day..That is the day we regret our decisions or ‘inactions’. Or we can just be contented with our ‘fate’. To each his/her own

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