Restocking Your Soul

Restocking Your Soul

I’ve been think about karma lately, sadly, mine has been a little lacking. So yesterday when I went to the local grocer I decided I was going to exude good karma. It’s such an easy thing to do really, a smile here, an “after you” there. I wonder why we don’t always treat one another as friends? Are we so busy and self-important we feel the need to demand everyone else get out of our way and wait for us first? As luck would have it, I had the opportunity to practice my good karma right away. When I walked through the produce section, a woman was rummaging through the ears of corn, picking out the pieces she wanted to buy. She had placed the cart in such a manner I couldn’t walk past her. After a few moments she noticed me and apologized profusely for blocking the lane, I simply stated, “It’s okay, take your time, I’m not in a hurry.” You would have thought I had offered her a weeks paid vacation she smiled so hugely. My second opportunity came in the bakery, as I approached, an elderly gentleman did a quick u-turn, looked at me smiled and said, “I saw you try to run me over.” Feeling his need for interaction, I matched his smile and made a comment about “well you know us women drivers.” I could have smiled and walked on, but by teasing along with him, I made his day just a little less lonely. I can see and feel loneliness in others since I wear so much of it about myself. Most markedly after work when I shut my condo door behind me and remark, “hallo lonely.” My next opportunity was a simple observation, along the cereal aisle a woman was singing along to the music being played over the loudspeaker. As a person whose friends pay her not to sing, I have a jealous ear for all those who have the gift of singing. It was so simple to smile at her and say, “I love the sound of your voice.” I am sure she knows she sings really well, but how would you feel if a person you didn’t know acknowledged how wonderful your voice is? So simple, but such impact.

Restocking Your Soul

Take from? As karma boosting days go, I think the grocery store was an A+ experience. But after reading last weeks blog and thinking about it, I realized I missed the big picture. Many of us, I would almost think all of us, have a punishing critical voice in our heads. The sad truth is every time we make a mistake and the little voice yells at us it sidetracks us from productively figuring how to fix what we did wrong. For example, last week my little voice said, “You’re so dumb, you lost a Second Life friend, you will never find another.” If I turn the sentence just a little, it speeds up the grief process and gives me a little hope. How so? If I let my little voice have its rant, “You’re so dumb, you lost a Second Life friend, you will never find another one,” but add the rather realistic ending “another one exactly like him.” It goes a long way to eliminate the guilt of my actions but also creates the unanticipated possibility that I will be able to find another one. Karma meter back in the positives.. check! I hope your Monday isn’t a high-gravity one!


Hair: Tutys, Adorable
Jacket: Erratic, Vanity
Latex shorts and top: Drift, Oblivion *NEW*** (with color change!)
Boots: Miamai, Hiatus
Necklace/Earring: [Mandala], Nyorai/Tefutefu *NEW***
Handbag: (Milk Motion), Spotted Clutch
Pose: Manifeste, Model 564

13 thoughts on “Restocking Your Soul

  1. You hit the proverbial nail on the head Cao, We lose nothing by putting forth a little kindness and we have so much to gain. I work in the service industry and go out of my way to say nice things to and about everyone. Not just because I make my living off of tips but because Karma and the fact that we all have the power all the time to create a smile on someones face… you look very smexy today too. Did it work, are you smiling. Hugs Dear Cao

  2. you have one of the sweetest kindest hearts of anyone I know Cao.. You are so loved and appreciated by anyone that knows you I am sure.. I know I do. Plus.. you are an amazing stylist!

  3. Amen, Cao. I am a firm believer in karma. People tell me I’m a very positive person IRL….and I respond why not? It takes so little time to think about others. One of my proudest moments as an educators was when one of my students came to me. He told me that he was out in the community with his family and saw someone who was having a bad day. He said he asked himself what I would do. He didn’t hesitate to go over and help the person. I was so proud that he acted beyond himself.

    Wear your karma with pride 🙂

  4. These were lovely gestures from you, Cao. Especially like your kind remark about the person’s voice. We won’t lose anything by being appreciative of others’ talent. It was kind of you to do so.

  5. I have said this to you already via im, but will leave it here along with all the other heartfelt comments, mine is not for this post only but rather a small note of appreciation for the entire blog;
    I Love the blog, informative, chic and always done with style and elegance. The photos amazing. Most of all the eloquence of you words is what I admire most, a rare talent in the SL sphere. Kudos!

    1. You are so remarkably kind to say this to me Alala, I can’t tell you how much it means to me! Made my day honestly ❤ Thank you thank you! I hope your week is a peaceful one xox

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