Say You’ll Haunt Me

Say You'll Haunt Me

Every once in a while you meet a person whose presence, whether good or bad, impacts you like a kick in the gut. Without you even realizing what happened they pull your attention from your life travels and you have to take a moment to stop dead in the water and figure out what just happened. Don’t think with a limited view, I mean think about it, you basically remember anyone you’ve met after age five, you typically interact with at least 3 people a day and most people live to be about 78 years old. That’s a lot of potential impact there. And if its impact from a negative person, that can do a lot of damage. When you find yourself in the presence of one of these “soul sucking” parasites, don’t feel you have to sit back and take it, but perhaps you shouldn’t completely ignore them either. Learn what you can from them but don’t dwell on their hateful, hurtful remarks. Put simply, if they aren’t plain crazy, something made them think the way they do, find the nugget of truth in the matter, make the changes you need to make and detach emotionally and move on. Is this all? It could be, but it wouldn’t hurt for you to help them see themselves accurately either. Maybe help them better see the effect their toxic behavior has on the world. However, just know, if they are perpetually negative people, those “evangelistically” negative people, they won’t be content to keep their negatives to themselves, there is something in the marker of their personality that insists they have to share it. These people’s negative attitudes are divisive to any relationship or group, so it’s not you, no amount of explaining will change them, so you better cut your losses and run.


Take from? Working in groups and solo interactions can be difficult in a real life, so magnify it ten-fold in a virtual world where the anonymity has a lot of characters behaving badly just because they can get away with it. The trick is to insulate yourself so they impact you superficially at best. We can’t control the thoughts or actions of others, but we can control how we allow these actions to filter through our psyche. Always consider the source and the event leading to the comment, if the negative feedback is warranted, fix what you can, if you feel its not, deflect it and move on. No one would fault you for refusing to take bad advise from a person who can’t possibly really know you. Let the positive comments, people, and words haunt you, let the bad one’s try and haunt someone else, you don’t have to own their thoughts of you. They are theirs, not yours. Just a random thought for what its worth.

Hat: Baiastice, Spring Mesh Straw Hat
Hairs: Wasabi Pills, Aria
Bathingsuit bottom: Baiastice, Maua
Watch: [Mandala], Sitennoah

6 thoughts on “Say You’ll Haunt Me

  1. I have a tendency to just shut out those negative people. I’ve found that, for me, not reacting is the best way of dealing with them, whether in RL or SL. No, we don’t have a mute button in RL but silence works in a similar fashion. Sometimes their words or actions sting, but I try not to let them see it. Maybe I’m a coward for not confronting them, but I cherish my peace and quiet.

    I love my morning cup of coffee and my philosophy lesson from Cao.

    1. Very true too, sometimes just rebuffing their negative is the quickest way to make it all go away. Good point Peep. That’s why I follow you all around for, to glean a little Peeping knowledge. <33 :****

    1. thats is very true, very very true, but with time and belief we all can take the high road and leave them to the low one. We forge our own path, the question is how much of your path do you want to allow another person to control?

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