Give Yourself Value

Give Yourself Value

Yesterday’s blog kind of led my feet to where they are today. I hope you don’t mind. Yesterday we glanced over how to react to toxic people, but really, it’s just half the story, isn’t it? Think back to all those people who touch our lives again, think about that backlog of programming that is moving like sludge through your thinking processes. It’s amazing we can trust ourselves to make a decision a’tall. Because whether you are conscious of it or not, your positive (or negative) thinking is affecting your everyday experiences of the world around you. On top of that, how you interpret these events in your life affects your mood. The sad truth is, the more these old mental tapes play, they tend to lead to lowered self-esteem, cynicism, pessimism and negativity. In the end, these past experiences are the words that tell us we are not good enough, intelligent enough, or attractive enough and unfortunately we tend to broadcast this back into the world we live in through our thoughts and actions. It doesn’t matter when or where we picked up all this rubbish, what’s important is that we become aware of it and caringly change them to positive thinking.

Give Yourself Value

How to do this? Well it depends on you. I have friends who put yellow sticky notes in visible places (the bathroom mirror, the refridgerator, the door as you leave the house to face the world) with thoughtful sayings on them like “I am strong and healthy” or “I love and appreciate myself just as I am.” These affirmations are reminders that you are in control of your thoughts and believe it or not our thoughts of ourselves can be changed. Since I go about the day too much in my own head, this really wouldn’t work for me, I don’t do paper, so its 100% assured I would walk right past the little neon signs without a glance. But I do keep virtual post it notes about that I happen upon a couple of times a day. It’s uplifting to find on my phone at noon that I “deserve the best and should accept only the best now.” or that there are “beautiful things happening in my life daily.” Having it written somewhere forces us to face these little self-cherishing moments in time that would otherwise be forgotten. I mean, think about how often you decide to do something for yourself and are sidetracked by the needs of others. The little notes, well they can’t be ignored as easily, they just are. And there is nothing wrong with a short micro-burst of positive thought in an otherwise relentless day, is there?

Take from? Of course! Value yourself, because you are priceless. You deserve each and every happiness afforded to you, you deserve to be treated as the cherished priceless person that you are. It’s not magic. Why do affirmations and changing your thought patterns from negative to positive thinking work? Because every one of these affirmative statements reflects the actual truth. You are perfect just as you are! You always have been. All these dings and scrapes to your soul over the years? Thats just someone elses ego-ish bullchit. Don’t let this old backlog of sludge control you and your life. You deserve the best and it is time to accept the best. Love yourself enough to become aware of what you are telling yourself and compassionately change the old, unhappy scripts into beautifully written, constructive ones. Well, that’s just a Cao’s perspective on it anyway. Take it for what it’s worth to you. 😉

Hair: Lelutka, Salome
Jewelry: [Mandala], Tefutefu **NEW**
Dress: Legal Insanity, Shanti Dress
Flowers: Shiki, Couture Dress Hibiscus Lady (This is part of a gorgeous gown, but just look at it! Hint: It’s also a very creative accessory for so many mix and match styles!)

12 thoughts on “Give Yourself Value

  1. Well said! And I say that and mean it. Frankly, I can count on one hand the number of blogs I actually read (and still have fingers left over lol). Besides your gorgeous photos and killer styling abilities, I love that you have something to say and say it well ❤

    1. you just made me feel soooo good Zibska. I love, LOVE your blog. It’s kind of disheartening for me at times because I see your wonderful things and your wonderful picture with it and I think “well drat, she did the most perfect picture that could ever be done for this item” You put the marker so high up, it’s hard for anyone else to get close to what you already created. I love your talent at both designing and at creative art. ❤

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