Cherry Blossom Sunshine

Cherry Blossom SunshineThis gorgeous Yara jewelry set from Kunglers will be available in the next few days at the newest round of the L’Accessoire’s event. It comes in three gorgeous metals!

I’ve had the most amazing day, I honestly have. I’ve chatted a bit on Plurk with a friend (he’s kinda sweet, sexy and a Greek God!). I spent some of the work day out with the sunshine kissing my face, and I read about 100 blogs! You people never cease to amaze me with your humor, your incredible style and photography, the glimpses of your lives, I couldn’t go a Friday without it! The thing I notice most, is I can just feel how loved, how valuable, and how filled with kindness you all are. The flipside? I am really, really late in posting my own blog and I have to get out of here, because its, YIKES! date night. You’d think a month in I wouldn’t still have one eye on the door and one planning the escape route, but well, thats me. But after tonight is over, I have an easy weekend planned spending some time with my sister from Wyoming and, of course, hugging on my daddy. I am going to enjoy it, even with all the brides magazines glaringly staring back at me while lying about my mum’s house. I know, over-active imagination, my mom tells me that all the time.

Cherry Blossom SunshineMy Dear friend and fellow blogger Chioma Namiboo turned me on to this Kimono Designer, Sakka Studio. Love them!

Take from? You don’t always have to drive your own life. Sometimes when you set comfortably in the passenger seat and let someone else steer, you still get to where you are going, but while they were busy driving, you got to look around and enjoy the friends and the incredible view. I’m going to sit back and coast through the weekend and just follow along wherever it leads me. I hope yours is similarly enjoyable and to you dads out there? You guys rock!

Hairs: Lelutka, Swish
Necklace: Kunglers Extra, Yara **L’Accessoires**
Bra: Angel Dessous, Joanna
Obi: Sakka’s Studio, Kimono Obi (w. color change)
Kimono: Sakka’s Studio, Kimono Haori short (also color change)
Short: Leezu!, Victoria pant **NEW** will be blogged again later
Pose: Manifeste

17 thoughts on “Cherry Blossom Sunshine

  1. Love the Jewels Cao! I always gain so much reading your blog but usually have to give up lindens too…..feeding my addiction again. I hope date night has you feeling less like hitting the door:-)

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