Colossal Piles of Crapola

Colossal Piles of Crapola

Every once in a while you have to suck it in and spend time with the family. I know, I’ve had an overdose lately what with the sister from three states away AND the sister from out West here to help me downsize my mom and dad’s living arrangement. They seem to be settling in, and I had one of those aha moments when we were knee deep in. I think maybe that’s the purpose of families and I was thinking, my moms right, I need to get started really soon! Want me to explain? Well of course, I’d be happy to. My parents bought this house some time in the 1970’s and have lived there ever since. They raised all four of us children in the house and over the decades accumulated a ton of, well, crapola really great stuff. No seriously, tons! All of it just so great! So as you age, you decide to downsize from your huge house and your mountain of crapola really great stuff. You pack up your wife and the few things of crapola really great stuff you will need at the new place, turn on the electric, the air conditioner (afterall it’s about 100 degrees in Florida right now) and make sure the cable is on and just start living the good life. The mountains of crapola really great stuff? Well that’s what you had four children for, let them figure it out, they are all adults now.

Colossal Piles of Crapola

The take from? If your going to be a hoarder, don’t forget to have enough children that you exhaust each of them just enough that they don’t resent you. As for me? Well, I was kidding, I don’t need to have a pack of kids for when I get old. I started out with the retirement downsized home from the beginning. Just a thought for a relaxed Saturday. I hope your weekend is fun!

Necklace, Zibska, Vova in Smoke **L’Accessoires** OPEN NOW so RUNNNNNNNN!
Makeup: Mons, just go buy all of it, I love it all 😉
Hairs: Madesigns, Male hair, Seneca
Pants: Maitreya, Couture Leggins
Top: Drift, Oblivion Latex Top ❤
Poses: Del May
Location: ChouChou

7 thoughts on “Colossal Piles of Crapola

    1. I know right! My new mantra is “just say no to crapola!” Thank you Chinon! Have a gorgeous weekend and Big huge hug. Now I’ve got to go whip this family into having some fun since they seem to have seen fit to invade my space today!

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