To live is rarest of things

To live is rarest of things in the World. Most People exist, that is all. ~ Oscar Wilde

To live is rarest of things

I’ve a quite erudite blog friend who, in his insightfulness, is teaching me how to find the meaning of the little hidden nooks and crannies of my soul. You know those spots? They are like little hidden treasures of memory we have chosen to either discard forgotten, or ignore due to the garishness in our nature they represent. Today is Father’s Day in the United States so I wanted to blog with a little meaning today, not my usual flippant candor. I often write, mostly in gest, about the little absurdities of my life, I am a Cao there is much fodder to choose from after all. But to me Father’s Day warrants a little more wholehearted discourse because face it, good or bad, dads? We all have them. I have digressed, I was poking and prodding among the hallowed grounds of my friends blog and came across the above quote from Oscar Wilde. I love Oscar Wilde, I’ve even blogged of him before and somehow the quote just “fit” for the lofty goal of describing an ideal father.

To live is rarest of things

I was lucky, though my father demanded structure, he allowed each of his children their unconventionalities hoping we would grow to prosper and make a mark in this vast world. Though we would often disappoint him, I think sometimes I still do, he allowed us to listen to our hearts, to wander away to hear the “music from another room.” He knew intuitively that forcing his children to wander a straight and narrow path would limit our growth and though by doing this we would fit within the conventions of mainstream acceptance, we would probably not be very happy nor cast a very large shadow in life. He didn’t want us to exist in this vast world, he wanted us to live in it. My father, though cast into dementia at this moment in life, fathered a doctor, a piano virtuoso, a writer, a deep sea fisherman, democrats, republicans, independents, Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, agnostic, college educated, military educated children. All four of us are happy for the most part, following our own footsteps in life, but never too far in heart from the father who did the most charitable thing a father could do. He let us live.

Take from? Well of course, even today. You have but one birth father, for better for worse, whether he embraced you or rejected you, he taught you something about life. Even if it was the lesson of how not to treat your child when you grow up. Today, I am thankful for my father and your fathers, because without them I wouldn’t be able to write this silly little blog, but also, I wouldn’t have you. All of my readers, friends, frienemies, supporters, wrong link readers and virtual family. Because each of you, in some way, are the building blocks who have helped me to learn to live.


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14 thoughts on “To live is rarest of things

  1. Thank you for these inspired and generous words Cao 🙂 You my friend, could save the World 😀

  2. This is so wonderful! Such vivid images you created with your words and thoughts. Fathers often do not get the credit of what they make of us, because they are the silent guardians, the stricter ones. So, you put it beautifully… 🙂

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