Falling in Love and Ending Up With Bruises

Falling in Love and Ending Up With BruisesLook at the 3 dimensional detail to this bikini top. Amazing!

What can I say; my love life would have to get better to be termed a “disaster.” I can’t help it, when God created the line for “coordination and grace” I either had my nose stuffed in a book or was over yonder at the mall thinking and watching people. It’s the oddest thing because my avatar seems to be afflicted with the same malaise, just ask anyone that spends a bit of time with me, Cao is just as gawky as the real me. But don’t get me wrong, I excel at sports, just as long as they aren’t team sports, you know? I can swim, run and play tennis, well singles tennis; it’s been found not to be safe to put a human being between me and the net in tennis. Just talking from past experience, okay? So needless to say, this can lead to some weird dating patterns.

Falling in Love and Ending Up With BruisesEvery relationship sees a little rain fall, the question is, do you embrace it and learn from it? Or just get wet.

What brought this on? I suppose the title from yesterday, that’s a wonderful show by the way, if you get a chance go. But the title resonates in me for a different reason. I am a walking love disaster waiting to happen. Over the weekend Jay and I were going exploring in the jeep and as I hopped in the passenger side I hit my head on the roll bar of the jeep. Not really a bad ouch as things go for me, it IS padded, but in doing so I knocked the sunglasses off my head. Well he and I don’t know each other all that well yet, I have been working excruciatingly hard trying to hide my lack of gracefulness, so not wanting him to notice, I edged out of the door to try and grab them. Jay, not aware it was taking me extra time to get in, began to back out of the parking spot dragging me by my left arm and leg in doing so. Acting nonchalant about it, I yelled “’ell I don’t care if you run me over, but can I at least get my handbag out of the vehicle? The thing is Gucci, I wanna take it with me when I go.”

The take from? A few years ago I was seeing “the man of my dreams at the time” and someone, that would be me, decided we really needed to go out in one of those canoes and explore some. Florida is a wonderful place to do this what with all the snakes, alligators, sharks lakes, rivers, oceans, begging to be explored. The kicker was, I don’t know how to row. So after a few hours of him righting us and me turning us around in circles, apparently rowing is a bish a lot harder than it seems, I jumped out of the canoe and swam beside the boat. It upset him a little bit, I didn’t seem much of a team player, but with me, you get what you get. And you can be assured, when I am in a couple, when the going gets tough, I’m going to hit the water and go it solo. The real take from? Love hurts at times, but if the good outweighs the bad, I’d call it a pretty good relationship. As for Jay, I’m not sure he’s recovered from the shock of nearly running me over. Come to think about it, maybe he should have called by now. Nah, he’ll get used to it. I hope. SLURL’s are found here: Link:

Bathingsuit: Baiastice, 3D Flowers Bikini **new**
Hat: Baiastice, Frilly Summer Hat **new**
Hair: Maitreya, Piper
Jewelry: [Mandala], Karma necklace, Utamaro bracelet
Pose/w. bag: Miamai, Traveler

15 thoughts on “Falling in Love and Ending Up With Bruises

  1. see I would have said something like that .. trying to run me over and steal my Gucci bag.. he must be a man of good taste to try and steal it.. lol j/k I think In the beginning though every one goes through quirky moments when starting to get know someone new. Just be yourself and apparently jay likes you or he wouldn’t still be going out with you. 🙂

  2. You are just so Adorable Cao, The funniest part of this read for me was the fact that you took this part out……working excruciatingly hard . It is little things like that, that keep me coming back again and again. Hugs!!!!!!!!

  3. Everybody doesn’t go for the careful, graceful woman who always watches her words and actions. There are people who prefer girls who speak out their minds and are natural. Hope this works for you, Cao:)

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