The Name is Cho

The Name is Cho
Though technically, it’s actually Caoimhe (Kee-va). Don’t worry I know with the Second Life shortening of everything that to many of you I am a cow. I kind of like that, it fits. Cows are kind of docile creatures if you think about it and in some countries cows are revered and others they supply sustenance. I find no disgrace in service to others. So thank you for the compliment. And thank you for all the emails, IM’s, and comments here and other places. I swear, I have surrounded myself with the smartest, funniest and kindest people in the world. And I sincerely mean that, you guys are my rock!

The Name is Cho

The take from? My name isn’t of much import, I am just a me, one of the many me’s in the world. But this particular me? I’ve been blogging daily for such a long time and I’m a little tired. In a few months I am having a small unimportant surgery, so I need to rest a little. I could never leave, I adore each of you way too much. But be patient with me, because I may wander away every once in a while. But each of you who have shared bits of your lives, the stories of you, all you are going through, the joys and the trials, will still be so close to my heart.

The Name is Cho

Hair: Aibeat, *Colin* (I can’t help it, this hairs fascinates me!)
Glasses: Redgrave, Holly
Jacket: Leezu!, Arabesque Blouse
Pants: Leezu!, Helena pants *NEW** These are so so cool! ❤
Jewelry: [Mandala], Senjyu and Nails
Makeup: Need I say? Mons

7 thoughts on “The Name is Cho

  1. I shall keep you in my thoughts and may the “unimportant” surgery be expedient and successful. May your rest relax, refresh and revitalize you; we shall be here on your return. <3<3

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