The Seduction of Couture

07012013 Headpiece: *SoliDea FoliEs*, Mila. Skybox: Scarlet Creative for William Weaver gallery. Hairs: Tuty’s, Limbo Wet look. Makeup: Miamai
Yesterday I completed Second Life’s 10 year anniversary, 30 days 30 blogs challenge. I’d like to say it was difficult, but since I was blogging every day anyway, it truly wasn’t. But it did point out to me that it’s time to slow down. If I just found pictures online to blog around my words, it might be a little easier but I have to buy something, style and shoot the pictures too. I was a little disheartened yesterday because after spending an hour or so shooting the picture for my blog, I noticed my graphics were set to low. I have no clue how they reset, but it did. So while I tried to “cure” my picture in Photoshop I realized, in my rush to blog I had forgotten how much I love Photoshop itself. So another part of slowing down and resting is I can now relax and play more in photoshop. Hopefully I can produce some pictures worth seeing, only time and practice will tell that tale.

The Seduction of Couture Outfit: Champagne Sparkling Fashion, Breezy **NEW**. Shoos: [Gos] Grace sandal. Cigarette holder: JCNY, Madama Couture cigarette. Pose’s: Di’s Opera, Fatale Series.

A few weeks ago one of my mad and famous friends, Enzo Champagne asked me if I would model for a vendor picture for his store Champagne! Sparkling Fashion. I couldn’t possibly resist, I adore Enzo and he is actually an incredible photographer. So without further ado, here is Enzo’s newest creation, “Shaking.”


CHAMPAGNE! sparkling couture’s new release, “SHAKING,” does this to you. This stunning vintage minidress has the extraordinary details that we have come to expect from CHAMPAGNE! sparkling couture. A nod to the 1920’s, the look feels timeless, and could easily be imagined on the heroines of the period such as Lillian Gish, Marion Davies, or at any lush or swanky private soiree!


Combining the essence of sex with couture, “SHAKING” is a spaghetti string minidress, with very elaborate look, that resembles richly textured golden threads, cut to create an aesthetically pleasing feel. The arms, back, and shoulders are exposed in a seductive manner, as the dress swoops to frame the hips perfectly, stopping just at the thigh, which offers an elongated glimpse, all the way down to the ankles.


Mesh demo of CHAMPAGNE! sparkling couture’s new release, “SHAKING,” is available at the mainstore location. This design is offered in purple, brown, blue and black. Always adding something special, included with the dress are gorgeous, shimmering, gold crush headpiece and hanging earrings, that are versatile and beautiful. The model bringing this masterpiece to life is Miss Caoimhe Lionheart.


Be sure to make your way to CHAMPAGNE! sparkling couture, to collect the latest release “SHAKING!” This is one beautiful number, you surely do not want to miss!

Enzo Champagne
for a glittering life!

ATTRACTION By CHAMPAGNE!sparkling couture

10 thoughts on “The Seduction of Couture

  1. Working on the BLVD production that featured the new collection I was drooling contstantly. I loved each and every piece, it is all so sparkly and shakeworthy. You look amazing as ever! Now shake ’em! 😛

  2. Don’t be selling yourself short Little Cao, all your photos are worth seeing. Maybe you will improve in Photoshop, Maybe I will open it lol, but in the meantime just stay beautiful and keep telling me stories it is one of the highlights to my day:-) With your styling’s as well as your words. I learn a lot about you when you put pieces of you on a page, and every little piece makes me smile ❤

  3. I was intrigued by your post title, because while I like to dress nicely, I’m just not a couture kinda gal. But every time I read your blog, I think to myself, “You CAN make a silk purse out of a cao’s ear”…or something like that 😉

    Your photos are gorgeous, as always…but that’s because YOU are ❤

  4. I Love the 20’s era its spicy , Fun & shakey shakey 🙂 No, Its really sophisticated and still fun and sexy.. The roaring 20’s they had hard times but they had style 🙂

  5. Amazeballs photos, One of my fave things about second life is that I can be wearing baggy old pJs and a couture creation at the same time.

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